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  1. Right now i just finished Tales of Hearts R (PSvita) now i'm currently playing Tales of Graces F (PS3)
  2. i have no idea what rpg game that is. ^_^
  3. This one time at band camp.......
  4. I just finished Tales of Legendia. 150+ Hours of it. ^_^
  5. Right now i'm currently playing Dragon Quest IX and Mystic Ark.
  6. Any tales games is hard work but it's worth the trip.
  7. I just beaten Tales of Phantasia (GBA) on the actual Handleld and i have to say i'm proud of what i accomplished.
  8. What happen to the EGM page? Did it error or did the owners do a Cease and Desist? 0_0
  9. This was the very first EGM Magazine i purchased. Man the old days of gaming.
  10. Right now i'm currently playing Dragon Quest Heroes (PC/Steam)
  11. I agree it probably would not have been a good game, i say mediocre at the least.