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  1. Man, did everyone tried in vein, making it the first ever and not, the best April Fool joke known to men in the magazine world. Yes, kids this was trolling back in the days.
  2. I remember someone borrowing my magazine at school and till this day never gave it back. I was so pissed off that i never ever let anyone borrow any of my magazine till this day.
  3. I just beaten Tales of Xillia 2 and i'm doing extra stuff, post content.
  4. Right now i just finished Tales of Hearts R (PSvita) now i'm currently playing Tales of Graces F (PS3)
  5. i have no idea what rpg game that is. ^_^
  6. This one time at band camp.......
  7. I just finished Tales of Legendia. 150+ Hours of it. ^_^
  8. Right now i'm currently playing Dragon Quest IX and Mystic Ark.
  9. Any tales games is hard work but it's worth the trip.
  10. I just beaten Tales of Phantasia (GBA) on the actual Handleld and i have to say i'm proud of what i accomplished.
  11. What happen to the EGM page? Did it error or did the owners do a Cease and Desist? 0_0
  12. This was the very first EGM Magazine i purchased. Man the old days of gaming.