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  1. Wow, that's a really cool article. I normally don't read too many EGM's after a certain period (hated the cheap paper)... I'm going to have to take some time and kick back and read that whole article, very interesting stuff... That issue must be extremely rare. Has anybody ever seen one up on Ebay ? I wonder how many total issues they made for the CES ? Maybe one thousand issues ? Maybe even less ? In that one article, I noticed they were talking about the 8 rarest issues of EGM... They had issue #33 and #41 included in the list, but #41 seems super common to me. I always see that issue on Ebay.
  2. Do you have a picture of it ? Curious what it looks like..
  3. Here is the picture of the June 1991 GamePro that I have with Bugs on the cover :
  4. It's funny, because in a later issue of GamePro, they apologized for having the two different covers. I think subscribers got the Bugs Bunny one, and the Sonic one went to newsstands, or possibly vice versa... I just know a ton of GamePro readers got so upset about it and GamePro apologized and said they wouldn't do it again, lol...
  5. True, but sometimes these magazines get silly with it, and they will have like 4 different covers for the same issue. I think EGM did that once.
  6. For those that collect the real mags... Do you feel like you need to own the alternate cover versions ? Or are you fine having just the one you already got ? This GamePro is an example. My June 1991 issue of GamePro has Bugs Bunny on the cover instead of this really weird looking Sonic. (Hmm, on a side note, maybe this is why people talk smack about Francis Mao ?) . Anyways, if I find the other version with Sonic on the cover for a cheap price, I'll probably snag it. Normally I don't care too much about alternate covers, but that Sonic cover looks so strange, so I will eventually track one down.
  7. So, does anybody else have a special love for EGM #25 ? (August 1991 issue with Super NES Buyer's Guide on the cover) If you're like me, there is something special about this issue. Maybe it's just a timing thing... Getting this issue about three weeks before the Super Nintendo arrived in the USA. Just such a special time. If you're a fan of this issue you might want to check out Episode 14 of RetroBlast. I wax nostalgic about this issue of EGM for about 40 minutes or so. Lots of good stuff to talk about in this particular issue of EGM. If you just want to hear the EGM part of the podcast, just skip to one hour 11 minute mark of the podcast. [url=https://soundcloud.com/retroblastpodcast/retroblast-a-90s-gaming-retrospective-episode-14-3-22-16]RetroBlast: A 90's gaming RetroSpective[/ur]
  8. Episode 13 is now available, and if you skip to the 45 minute mark, I talk about the July 1991 issue of EGM for quite some time: Check it out if you get a chance.... RetroBlast: A 90's gaming Retrospective - Episode 13 iTunes Link
  9. So, first off I totally have to admit that Chris is a good friend of mine, and regularly appears on my podcast. So you can take my recommendation for this video with a grain of salt if you want, but I really think Chris did an outstanding job on this video. It's the best "Let's Read" video I've seen so far. Great production values.... Check out the vid and reply to this thread if you don't agree. I really think he killed it on this one.. Of course, I'm a huge fan of Diehard, so there's another large grain of salt.
  10. I've played a bit more Ghouls and Ghosts in the last year, but honestly, I've played very little of that game on Genesis. Back in the days I tried it at this one dudes apartment. This guy Deion bought a Genesis right at launch. He had Lasorda, Ghouls and a few other Genesis games that I checked out at his house. I know he had Rambo 3 at one point. I got my Genesis almost 1 year after launch, and I did go back and get Shinobi, but that was really the only older game that I got. I was mostly going after the newest games hitting the local EB or Software Etc. But, I barely touched Ghouls and Ghosts on the Genesis. I'm not sure how many episodes in the future it will be, but I'll definitely have a lot more to say about Ghouls and Ghosts in a future episode.
  11. Thanks man.... Glad it was decent... Yeah a solo podcast isn't the easiest thing to pull off. Only reason I even tried a solo podcast is because I've heard a few other solo podcasts that were actually pretty entertaining, so I knew it was possible to actually have a decent solo podcast. I listen to the Bobby Blackwolf show (modern gaming podcast), and he has done a very good job of doing solo podcasts for many many years, so I knew it was possible to do a decent solo podcast. On episode 11 I have Chris Alaimo from Classic Gaming Quarterly (YouTube retro show) join me, and he's also on episode 12 which will be posted in a few days. He's not going to be on every show going forward, but I hope to have him on many more episodes in the future, just cause it's a bit easier to have an entertaining podcast when you got another guy you can bounce stuff off of.
  12. Gamefan. Only wish they had started earlier. Just imagine if that magazine started in 1989 instead of very late 1992. Missed out on some golden years. Next-Generation was my mag for the mid to late 90's. GameFan and Next-Gen were my two favorites during the mid 90's. Early 90's was all about EGM and GamePro. EGM was normally much better. In the mid 90's, I think EGM kinda went downhill though. Or maybe it was just it didn't seem as good cause I like GameFan and Next-Gen more by that time. Video Games & Computer Entertainment was hit and miss because I didn't own a computer and it was hard to root for them when they were wasting all those pages on computer games, lol... Game Players was good in it's 2nd run in 1994, 1995 and 1996 and stuff. Had good personality. So many great mags during the 90's
  13. So, for me, while I loved Lakers vs. Celtics in the beginning (blinded by the great graphics for the time), I felt like the game ended up being kinda crappy cause of the horrible collision detection (traffic jams on the court), and the fact that it turned into the, "get into the paint and tap A button to win" game. So, I fell out of love with it once the shiny graphics wore off. Did you ever get bothered by any of those issues ? It's weird how you can totally fall in love with a game for a few months, but then you realize that the game has a major issue and you just can't enjoy the thing anymore... At least that's how it was with me and Lakers vs. Celtics. I still love that parquet floor though!
  14. Yeah that was me... For awhile there, I had a crazy obsession with trying to pinpoint the real release dates. Unfortunately, prior to stuff like Sonic Tuesday and Mortal Monday, legit release dates are an oxymoron. They really don't exist. The best you can do is release windows. But old usenet posts is a great resource.... Old usenet posts and the classified ads of some newspapers, and some advertisements from certain newspapers. You almost have to do detective work to figure out when these games really came out. The best evidence would be a legit receipt from the actual time period that shows the date. Hey, I really appreciate you taking the time to listen to a bunch of these episodes... I'd try to stick with it if you really like early 90's gaming magazines, cause I'm definitely going to be talking about them on future episodes. I became a huge magazine nut at a certain point and was buying like 6 or 7 mags per month at one point.
  15. Yeah, it's from an early issue of Game Informer. No disrespect to Andy McNamara, a cool guy that I've seen on various Bonus Round episodes with Geoff Keighly, but man... that picture is a classic, heh... Couldn't help myself
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