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  1. Many Thanks again! This book was my second Jeff Rovin, though sadly the last one until years later when I began to hunt for collecting...
  2. Now THAT explains a lot! Thanks for the info! Also, Jeff Rovin was very prolific with his books, though I'm not sure how many books of his were published after around 1995 (the last ones I recall were the SNES/Genesis Conquering tips books and the 1995 large trade with assorted tips/tricks for the Genesis/SNES/GG/GB.
  3. I do, though I can't recall if it is the version that also has a Dr Mario bit in it (I recall there was a release that had that included...for some reason...). That book was my first exposure to Jeff Rovin's guides, and one of my personal faves (right alongside the Secrets of the Games Zelda ALTTP). I love how that version's SMB3 guide around World 5 gives highlight tips instead of step-by-step how-tos. (Image from Amazon's website)
  4. Because the Game Boy was popular, and...was Beavis and Butt-Head still popular/relevant in 1998? I recall trying the game a few years back, and thinking that while not great, it was far from the worst game or licensed game that I have ever tried.
  5. Thanks for the info!!! That matches what I have, always was amused that I tended to get a different version when I ordered it on Amazon...
  6. I knew that there was a Sports book in Jeff Rovin's library (that I have yet to obtain), but I have to wonder how many variants this one has... Looking forward to reading this! Thanks again!
  7. I was beginning to wonder why the Game Boy release wasn't covered, then I remembered the Game Boy release was MUCH later than the SNES/Genesis/GG version... for some reason...
  8. Awesome! Was not aware that their Game Boy guides were in the "trade" (smaller) size books, the only one of theirs I had was of the larger variety. Both of the SNES and Genesis guides I have are the Trade size. Speaking of multi-volumes, how many different varieties of Jeff Rovin's How to Win at Nintendo Games (Volume 1) are you aware of? I somehow have collected three different versions of the same "Volume 1," with a subtle difference in the games covered (and differences in covers, such as Red or Black covers).
  9. Makes sense that this would only cover the "core" Ultima series, though a guide that also included, if only in summary, details on the console/portable releases that existed (the two Game Boy releases and the SNES games) would have been nice.
  10. LOL Only ever really played the Genesis B&B game, looking forward to taking a look at this guide.
  11. Thanks! I used to have one of their volumes for NES and Game Boy, and have one each of their SNES and Genesis books; not as good as the Secrets of the Games or Awesome series, but good in their own right. Do have to ask, will we see their Game Boy book(s) uploaded?
  12. Don't think I've seen this mag before, thanks for the upload!
  13. Thanks! Always fun when the guide's include developer content.
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