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  1. Just wondering what everyone else does when it comes to retro gaming on a HD tv. I've looked into up scaling but I'm not sure which way to go. I did invest in a Retron 5 which has helped with the older cartridge based games but I would really like to play my Sega Saturn and N64 on my new tv.
  2. While a Dreamcast 2 would be really nice I don't think Sega is in a position where it could release a console would be able to compete in the market place. The best they could do would be an official clone that lets you play all of there back catalog.
  3. A psp go, got that bad boy soft modded and I can say that it is really nice.
  4. I don't think gaming will ever die per say but there might be another crash
  5. 2600 NES Master System Genesis Sega CD 32x SNES 3DO Saturn Ps1 N64 Dreamcast PS2 Xbox Gamecube Xbox 360 Wii PS3 Wii U PS4
  6. This happened to me recently with Skyrim. I had already beaten the game when it came out, but there was recently a sale on the DLC so I decided to go back and play it. I played for a good ways through the game before I got bored and decided to try something else.
  7. Oh this is an easy one Call of Duty, Madden, and Assiassin's Creed are all in dire need of a sequel. All kidding aside it would be pretty dope if we got a new Double Dragon game or a new numbered Shining Force or Phantasy star game. Oh and River City ransom would be cool too, maybe a new Metriod Prime too
  8. Of course it they will, maybe not by us older gamers but definitely by the kids of today. I can already see it, I don't consider the ps2 era retro at all but my cousin who is 10 years younger than me talks about it the same way I talk about the snes.
  9. Yard Sales, Flea Markets, Thrift Shops, and the occasional retro store or ebay search for the stuff that's a bit harder to find out in the wild.
  10. What is the earliest gaming memory you have? For me it was when I was 4 and I walked into my parents room and saw my dad playing a 2600. I remember he had a bunch of games next to the system and I asked him if I could play too and he let me play Joust.
  11. Game Informer. Although I never really read them, it's kind of hard to read news I knew about for like a month already.
  12. It was an issue of Tips and Tricks that covered Donkey Kong Country and Snatcher. Man I read that thing cover to cover a bunch of times. The whole reason I ever wanted a Sega CD was because of that issues coverage of Snatcher.
  13. I got something that actually falls into the use of that term. The Nintendo Playstation prototype. There is no way in hell I'm ever going to get my hands on it but damn that would be a cool one of a kind item to have.
  14. This whole NX thing reminds me of Sega in the late 90s, and even though the Dreamcast was a great system it did not work out very well for them. Hopefully Nintendo fairs better than it's former rival. I for one would really like to have a Nintendo console once again be my main console, something that hasn't been the case since 1995.
  15. I prefer physical, however I will buy digital if it's dirt cheap
  16. DS 3DS PSP and Vita. Just got all of them within the last year and for some reason I'm on a handheld kick right now
  17. I think this would definitely be one of those "shut up and take my money" moments. It would be cool if it let you make Zelda II style stages as well.
  18. 2600: My dad bought one off a buddy of his back in the late 80s. It came with a bunch of games including the first game I ever remember playing, Joust. NES: My dad bought this console so that he and my uncle could play through Super Mario Bros. 2. So that was the first game we got beside the Mario/Duck Hunt pack in SMS: Once again this was a console my dad bought, got it with After Burner, Space Harrier, and Penguin land SNES: Back in the late summer of 92 our local rental store just got an SNES available for rent. I convinced my mom to rent it for me as well as Turtles in Time. When my dad got home from work that evening and saw the console hooked up to the TV he asked me about it. I told him mom rented it for me. He tried the game I had rented and then went back to the rental place and rented Street Fighter II. Two weeks later I come home from school to see him and my little sister playing Street Fighter II on our new SNES. Worst part about that is that I literally got grounded two days before he bought the console Genesis: First console that was actually purchased for just me. I got this back in 94 for my 10th birthday. Got it with Sonic 2 and Superman Sega CD: Got this one for my 12th birthday. My parents were finally going to get me a Sega CD after years of bugging them for one. So we go to Toys 'R' Us to pick one up. Did I mention that my 12th birthday fell on September 29th 1996. Yep that's right the launch date of the Nintendo 64. So we go to the store and I see all the displays and I try out the new system. I beg my parents for one and they stick to their guns and buy me that Sega CD with a bunch of games like Sewer Shark, Tomcat Alley, and a bunch of other FMV games. So much better than a 64 with Mario 64. Oh well, now that I'm an adult I understand why they would rather get me the stuff on clearance rather than the shiny new thing 32X : Picked this one up a couple of months later on clearance at Toys 'R' Us Saturn: Got this one for Christmas 96. With Vitura Fighter, Vitura cop, Sega Rally, and Daytona USA. PlayStation: Got this one for my 14th birthday in 98. Got Final Fantasy VII and Wild Arms Dreamcast: Got this in early 2000. Was at an auction with my mom and there was a lot that had a Dreamcast, Sonic Adventure, Shadowman, Powerstone, an extra controller and a vmu. There was a bunch of old people there that had no idea what it was I had my mom bid on it and got the whole lot for 90 bucks. N64: Got this one in late 2000. Got it for a good price used from Blockbuster. Got both Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask PS2: My dad bought me this in exchange for helping him out at work. I got it in early 02 with GTA 3. I got it at a time where memory cards were hard to find and I didn't get one until like 2 months after I got the console. I got really familiar with the first mission of GTA 3. Gamecube: First console I bought myself, got it used at EB games with Wind Waker and Resident Evil IV back in early 05 Xbox: Picked it up at a Gamestop back in 05 with KOTOR 1 and 2 as well as Jade Empire Xbox 360: Back in mid 06 I had a full time job at the local Wal-Mart I was still living with my parents and had no bills so I blew an entire check on this and Dead Rising. Wii: Got this one on launch with Red Steel and Twilight Princess. PS3: Two weeks after launch I was walking through the electronics section after just picking up my paycheck, when I saw that we had a 20gb PS3 in stock. They also just informed me that because of the holiday we got double the normal employee discount on any one item. I knew it was meant to be and blew my whole check on the console and Resistance. PS4: Got it at launch with Assassin's Creed IV.
  19. You know what I miss that can never be recreated digitally new manual smell. Damn that was my favorite part about getting a new game when I was younger. Oh well, it would be nice to read the manuals I never had.
  20. Currently switching between pokemon platinum, battlefield hardline and way of the samurai Portable
  21. When I was a small child I once tried desperately to convince my mom to rent me Friday the 13th for the nes. Ten years later when I finally got the chance to play the game I was thankful that she did not get it for me.
  22. Not so much anymore. I just got an HDTV for the first time about a year ago and due to space reasons had to get rid of my trusty rusty CRT. I did pick up a Retron 5 though and have been using that for my retro needs for now. I guess I'll probably look into up scaling and rgb soon because I would really like to play some Saturn and 64.
  23. I think that retro games will continue to be sold until they all don't work anymore and even then with emulation these games will still live on.
  24. A remake of Shining Force III would be nice. Maybe a digital download doesn't even need to be a full remake a HD remaster would be nice. It would just be really nice to play all three senarios in English.
  25. Super Smash bros. Still love to pull out the old 64 and play that one with friends