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  1. Hi E-DAY, Sorry for the trouble, I just only would like to know where I could find some issues from Electronic Gaming Monthly, I would like to complete my collection, but it has been difficult to find any book store that sell old magazines. Best regards
  2. I will like to start to collect some issues of EGM to complete my current collection, I'm trying to collect some issue that I still need (issues: 245, 263 and Special Issue PS4/XBOXONE). If anyone would like some scans of the magazines from issue 238 to 264 I could share them with you.
  3. Is someone is interested in trade some Game Center issues?
  4. I also have some issues of GameCenter, I have issue 26 Evolve and issue 30 Star Wars Battlefront.
  5. Did someone know where can I found old issues from EGM, Im trying to get issue 245, 263 and Guide to PS4/XBOX ONE.
  6. Hello AlexDigma, Welcome to the Retromags Community!