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  1. I send the one... I got some Japanese magazines NEOGEOFREAK i share with the guys! Thanks!
  2. Thank you friend @Areala for moving to the right place my message and sorry for my lack of attention, I am happy to be part of this so nice family, I will soon collaborate with some uploads of some magazines that I have here, I got some Japanese magazines NEOGEOFREAK Will I be able to share with the guys? It has a specific place to send my magazines (books) ? Hugs..
  3. Hello boys and girls, here I am introducing myself, my name is Christian - nickname: gamesmame, I am a fan of Retrogames the centuries, I'm 35 years old, but the games most played were the ATARI, for when the guys had a NES or master system at the time was to RICH, I gained a ATARI and so I was always one or two generations ago, and I do not regret I was very happy and glad boot, when I got the NES then realized I had much of a difference between games of a console to another, with the NES i felt we had a real ARCADE at home, because I saw the ARCADE at the bar a Double Dragon and soon came the NES cartridge and I talked our've ARCADE game at home, little did I know that there were NEOGEO and others with monster firepower! this is a short part of me, excuse the size is that got carried away .. Anyway gamesmame am more a friend retrogamer! hug to everyone!
  4. Hello gamesmame, Welcome to the Retromags Community!

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