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  1. After a hard day at work.It's good to come home to a cache of new Gamepros. Good work man
  2. Squuueeeeeeeeee...the gaps are closing in on the missing issues. thank you so much
  3. another issue off the missing issues checklist. Thanks so much
  4. My day just keeps getting better.....Thank you all for the hard work everyone puts in to making this site awesome.
  5. *Computer screen turns red* GET OVER HERE!!!!!!!
  6. I listened to the Mega Man one and i enjoyed it greatly. The only thing I would improve is maybe add a personal story playing the game (how you found it, how long it took you to beat it, spending time with friends palying it, etc.). If you do that, the stories and experiences would add more depth to the episode. Something to consider for the future. I subbed to itunes and youtube
  7. Didn't AVGN recently do an episode covering this one? I remember I used to have a Playstation version with Jax and Sonya as the main characters and it was the same basic idea
  8. you the man. The Gaps in the missing issues for EGM are growing smaller and smaller. One Million thank yous
  9. *Does a Wayne and Garth Bow Down* I'm Not Worthy......I'm Not Worthy.....I'm Not Worthy. Seriously though, thank you so much. It's always nice to come home to find an new EGM available
  10. Does any one remember the SNL parody they did called Crystal Gravy?
  11. a combination of Ebay, Garage Sales, and Mom and Pop game stores
  12. Last one I bought a few years ago was Ps3 when the slim model launched. I recently acquired an old N64 from a friend who moved and it had Goldeneye, DK64, Perfect Dark, Zelda: Ocarina of TIme, Mario 64, Mario Kart 64, Bano Kazooie, I just need to buy a new power cord and Smash Bros. and Majoras Mask
  13. 30 year old from Northwest NJ. A friend of mine gave me the link for the old Nintendo Power
  14. recently replayed GTA V and beat the main story and a few side missions
  15. I will totally preorder this as soon as money becomes a little less tight
  16. nice scan. keep up the good work. pretty soon my egm collection will be complete
  17. I heard it's more than likely going to be a tie in along when the Ghostbusters reboot comes out. I now want some PB Crisps thanks to SlyHedgehog33.
  18. I bought this and the first 3 Seasons of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers a few years ago with a tax refund check. Those were well worth the $$$. The only one I'm waiting for it to go down in price is The Real Ghostbusters Collection where the box is the Ghostbusters Firehouse
  19. In the 8 Bit, 16 Bit and Early 32 Bit days, The internet wasn't as widespread and fast as it is now. If you got stuck on a part of a game, most of the time your options were a. see if a friend could beat that part. b. call a video game tip hotline (it raised the phone bill quite a bit in my youth) or c. go to a newsstand and buy a magazine if you didn't have a subscription. In fact, the fact that someone posted a complete series of walkthorugh vids on youtube within a week of the game being released, shows how times have changed
  20. @Eday: Thank you for confirming this. I thought I imagined this and I remember there was always alot of WWF games and wrestlers in the mag.
  21. One of my main points to get magazines was that a lot of Nintendo Power, EGM, Gamepro, had strategy guides and walkthroughs for games. Now with youtube and gamefaqs, the days of publisihing walkthroughs as a good chunk of the issue are LONG GONE
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