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  1. Thank you, one more for the collection
  2. Mortal Kombat, Killer Instinct, Cruis'n World, TMNT, The Simpsons
  3. Thank you MKMoveList, great guide for one game of the best fighting series
  4. Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe, we need a part 2, a sequel with Mortal Kombat X super detailed graphics but keeping the 3D style to move around all the way 360 degrees across the arenas, the MK - DC crossover had a lot of potential but they ruined it with Injustice removing the Mortal Kombat characters and sticking to boring prehistoric 2D style in that game and MK9 and X. Wave Race, the last released was Wave Race Blue Storm for the Nintendo GameCube, with need a new version even if not for Nintendo Wii-U, what I mean is one for the last generation consoles either PS4, XBox One or Wii-U but making use of the full potential of said systems with amazing graphics
  5. The computers back then were nowhere as good for gaming as computers in the last 12, 14-16 years, basically if you wanted some decent gaming in the 80s you had to get a console either a NES or Genesis, this is what I was told by people who played games on PC back in the 80s and I recall playing some game or two in PC some time before the release of the Game Cube and there was a world of difference between what graphics could achieve on Dreamcast, N64 or GC and a computer of the late 90s early 2000s, the gaming experience was a lot better on console so it should have been the same but with a lot more difference in the 80s
  6. I still play games and I like playing way more than reading about games
  7. Perhaps because the newer games are better played at consoles, I'm mean PC gaming is the best option to games up to the GTA San Andreas generation (2005-2006), I still play GTA San Andreas on PC and like it more than playing it on PS2 there isn't really much difference from playing it in a computer screen than in a huge TV screen but for the GTA V there is no way I will switch from the console to the PC, that kind of games are way better at the biggest screen you can get to fully appreciate and get the full picture of the stages, the environments, to get fully involved in the action just like watching a movie is not the same in the computer that in a TV screen that is two or three times as big just that games are interactive and you get obviously more involved in them than in any movie. Also PC is for playing emulators of old consoles, I prefer playing emulators than in my old consoles for commodity and to preserve the already old consoles, if something happened to them that would be very sad and there is no repair for them these days and even if there were I would think twice before letting some ''professional'' put their hand on my beloved consoles much less the hands of so called ''professionals'' that are nothing but amateurs scamming people. Regarding customization or perhaps you mean modding or both of them I really don't like mods.
  8. Another point I forgot to mention that is also important 6.- With 3D fighting games like Mortal Kombat you can sidestep/rotate allowing to change the angle from where you are seeing the stage/background, you can have different perspectives/views of the stage what is good and give it a fresh air instead of being restricted to watching the same backgroud from a static perspective all the 90 seconds of the 2 or 3 rounds, beter to rotate and see the stage/background from different angles than just one which makes it boring
  9. I would like to know what people here think about the current Mortal Kombat games, that is the current generation Mortal Kombat X and last gen MK9 vs or compared to the 3D Mortal Kombat games, these games being MK4 MKDA, Mortal Kombat Deception and Mortal Kombat vs DC. I have seen many comments all over the internet of people praising 2.5D MK games (9 and X) and how they are ''back to the basics'' ''back to the origins'' and stuff like that and I just can't believe how some think everything or whatever Ed Boons throws at us MK fans is good or an improvement over already proven better technology/fighting environments (arenas). Here are my strong points as to why Mortal Kombat should have been only 3D and fully 3D meaning both characters and Arenas with 3D movement side stepping moving all around the Arena 1.- The so called ''back to the basics'' ''back to origins'' nostalgia comes only from the fact that up to MK3U MK Trilogy all MKs were 2D and people want that fighting style/gameplay to come back but what people seem to forget ar neglect is that these games and all games of that era like let say Super Mario World, etc were only 2D because of hardware restrictions, they were that way because 3D technology was not available at the time or was in development and the most at that time was some pseudo 3D like SNES Wolfenstein ''3D'' so all games back then were made like that for the only reason not because they (the developers) wanted to but because they had to. In this day and age Mortal Kombat in other than 3D makes no sense this includes so called 2.5D, asking for this is like saying ''why don't they release the next GTA using the same gameplay/technology as Grand Theft Auto 2 or Grand Theft Auto 1997 (the first and original)'' or ''why don't they release the next Mario using only 3D characters in 2D world/environment just to resemble Super Mario World nostalgia'' or better why don't watch TV in an old black and white CRT TV set 480x360 resolution that nowadays not even the people who owned them back in the 60s would change for the Full HD LED screens of today not even for a second of nostalgia, they only had to watch these TV sets because that was the TV technology available at the time, they had no option. 2.- Mortal Kombat was the fighting game series that better adapted to 3D Arenas, better than Tekken and way better than Street Fighter Plus or Dead or Alive so moving back from something they mastered in a decade from MK4 (1997) to Mortal Kombat vs DC (2008) was a big mistake. 3.- As explained 2D fighting was great back then but not anymore with today's technology, 2.5D fighting gameplay makes you feel restricted in the space you can and wish you could move around, you feel like a bird in a cage in a 2D plane only able to move back and forward and up (jumping) and down (crouching) it limits a LOT the possibilities how the battle could unfold, less variables less processing power being used which results in underused PS3, PS4, XBox360 or XBoxOne hardware. 4.- 3D fighting gameplay is more realistic and thus make the fight seems more ''realistic''. By ''realistic I mean is that it mirrors better a fight in our 3 Dimensional world, just look at Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Jet Lee or Van Damme movie or even at UFC, where in the hell are fights restricted to a 2D environment just think how ridiculous and unnatural would be for the UFC carrying a fight in a thin 50 centimeters (19.685 inches) wide space and tell the fighters you cannot move outside this 40 or 50 cms wide, 15 meters (50 feet) long line, that would be ridiculous and unnatural. 5.- 2.5D just looks like ''extremely good looking remakes of old MK games'' this is what I think when I play Mortal Kombat (2011), an extremely good looking Mortal Kombat 3/MK3U This is my opinion of why I think 2D or 2.5D Mortal Kombat games have no reason to be in this day and age and prefer the MK in full 3D as they should have been made all since MK4, so if people have nostalgia and want back to the basics then the most logic would be to play the original games of back then using good old SNES, Playstation, Sega Genesis, Arcade and/or MAME which faithfully reproduces the Arcade experience. What is your opinion what do you think about it.
  10. I prefer the Mortal Kombat games with 3D characters and Arenas since that's the way MK should be from MK4 onwards, 3D characters restricted/caged in 2D environments is a waste of resources and a drawback in the series, MK was the fighting series that better adapted to 3D, way better than Street Fighter Plus or Tekken, Dead or Alive, etc, is the best Fighting in 3D, real and full 3D not so called 2.5D Mortal Kombat 2011 aka MK9 looks like amazingly good looking MK3, if nostalgic people want to play 2D MKs then should consider go play old good SNES, SEGA, Playstation or Arcade version this one can also be played in a faithful way in MAME emulator, no need to make more Mortal Kombats the way the were made in the 90s not because of nostalgia but because of hardware restrictions
  11. Super Nintendo, Nintendo64, Sega Dreamcast and Playstation 3
  12. Snuper Nintendo, Nintendo64, Sega Dreamcast and Playstation 3
  13. Great game, I don't remember this advertisement but others in the Arcades, I played this game hours on my SNES probably the best MK on SNES
  14. I played this game on Nintendo 64 in the late 90s, much better than Mortal Kombat 3 Ultimate Arcade version but not as much as Mortal Kombat 4 even though the bigger roster but MK4 was fully 3D both characters and Arenas and although was not so good back then it was really cool and great at that time but then again I enjoyed playing this as I enjoyed and still enjoy playing any Mortal Kombat game
  15. I have played a lot of consoles from the NES onwards Nintendo Entertainment System Super Nintendo Nintendo 64 Game Cube Game Boy Game Boy Advance Sega Genesis Playstation Playstation 2 Playstation 3 Playstation 4 XBox 360
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