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  1. Deathbringer

    Missing Magazines from Spain and Argentina

    I have a lot of magazines from Argentina, I have to fiend them and to get a scanner... I remember havinng a great number of Club Nintendo and Action Games and some Gamepros in spanish... Thanks for the effort and hard work by the way, to all uploaders on Retromags!
  2. Deathbringer

    Missing Magazines from Spain and Argentina

    That's great!! I have some scans from other sites of those and others, would be good seeing those on this database, but yeah is difficult to find a lot of this magazines
  3. Deathbringer

    Why do you visit Retromags?

    Thank you for the hard work! It's much appreciated!!
  4. Deathbringer

    Missing Magazines from Spain and Argentina

    Here some covers from the mentioned magazines.
  5. Hello! I'm from Uruguay and I like video games magazines since the 90s I recall some mags from Argentina and Spain that came here and also Gamepro in spanish. I saw that in the database there are magazines from around the world (Argentina, Japan, etc). Would be good to see some argentinian mags like Club Nintendo, Action Games, Top Kids etc. Also from Spain I remember some good magazines, Loading, Gametype, RetroManiac, Retro Gamer Spain, Superjuegos, Hobby Consolas, Ok Consolas etc.
  6. Deathbringer

    Games you are currently playing or recently beaten

    Now I'm re-playing .hack series for the PS2, already beaten those long time ago but with the recent .hack GU Recode I'll play again to recall better the story. Also I'm always playing an MMORPG with my brother, Dungeons & Dragons Online since 2009 or 2010
  7. Deathbringer

    Why do you visit Retromags?

    Mainly for the nostalgia and for the scans. Sometimes only seeing the covers brings good memories.
  8. Hello Deathbringer, Welcome to the Retromags Community!