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  1. Street Fighter 2 and all the Mortal Kombats, pretty much any fighting game. The arcade I used to go to had one of the big screen setups in the front so whatever the big fighting game was would be on there. I remember Mortal Kombat 3 being on it for months and always being packed. I always loved the beat em ups as well. TMNT, Simpsons, X-Men in particular.
  2. Selling all my old systems and games off. When I moved from Pennsylvania to Nevada I didn't wanna take everything with me so I sold most of them off for cheap to friends or game stores. The only thing I kept was my Playstation since it was 2001 and they were still releasing games for it. I wish I would have kept at least my Saturn or some of the SNES and NES games but at the time I wasn't thinking about it.
  3. I tend to go back and replay a lot of NES, SNES & Playstation games. The one I play most frequently is Link To The Past which I usually play once a year. I just finished playing Donkey Kong Country 2 a few weeks ago.
  4. Super Mario RPG Super Mario World Donkey Kong Country 2 Legend Of Zelda Link To The Past Final Fantasy 2 Final Fantasy 3 Chrono Trigger Earthbound Street Fighter 2 Turbo Breath Of Fire I could probably put about 30 other games in there (including Yoshi's Island) but those are probably the 10 I played the most.
  5. Not in order: Final Fantasy 7 Final Fantasy 9 Final Fantasy Tactics Castlevania Symphony of the night Street fighter alpha 3 Tony hawk Pro Skater 2 Breath Of Fire 3 Suikoden 2 Tekken 3 Wild Arms 2 .
  6. Agree that MK 2 was the best. I didn't like 4 very much and the PS2 era 3D games were OK but not as good as the first 3. The last two games (MK9 & MKX) are outstanding.
  7. I went with both. I tend to buy most of my newer games as physical copies. When they're older games it depends on if they are cheaper at Gamestop or if they have a sale on the Playstation Network or E Shop that determines if I buy a physical or digital copy.
  8. When I used to go to the movies as a kid they had Wrestlefest. I'd play before going in the theater. I was always Demolition in the Tag mode.
  9. Breath Of Fire: The new one just came out in Japan but it's only for phones & computers. A console or portable release would be great. Fire Pro Wrestling: Hopefully with a more current roster and some updated moves added to the CAW. Shining Force: Either a new game or a re-release of 3.
  10. Bought a Wii U about a year ago. I'm looking to get a PS4 by the end of the year.
  11. I usually play my 3ds for Monster Hunter, Pokemon and Zelda. I also have a hacked PSP so I can play GBA and Playstation games that haven't been and probably never will be released on the Playstation Network.
  12. Hello dc2142, Welcome to the Retromags Community!