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  1. Activision then: a wide variety of games. Activision now: nothing but CAWADOOTY!
  2. A classic, I have a vivid memory of reading this while sitting in a barber shop and waiting for my mom to get her haircut back in 2004.
  3. Babyyyyyyyyyy, I compare you to a kiss from a rose on the gray!
  4. Here's hoping you upload the rest of PSM's swimsuit issues.
  5. Straydog

    Star Trek: Klingon

    You! The one who is moving now! Respond! Experience Bij!
  6. Straydog

    Bug's Life, A (01)

    It's harvest time!
  7. Can we get this uncensored please?
  8. It took a long for me to really come around to HD, the first HDtv I bought in late 2007 was only 720p and was honestly kind of a piece of crap, I remember never being as impressed by the picture quality as I expected to be. However in early 2011 I bought my first 1080p television and that was much, much better. Consequently though I hung onto my old CRT television which I still use for standard def consoles like the PS2.
  9. I know exactly the image you're talking about! But unfortunately my EGM collection is so vast and I don't know the particular issue. However I can say that I first started buying EGM in 2002 so I believe you may want to look at 2002 issues.
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