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  1. A classic, I have a vivid memory of reading this while sitting in a barber shop and waiting for my mom to get her haircut back in 2004.
  2. Babyyyyyyyyyy, I compare you to a kiss from a rose on the gray!
  3. Here's hoping you upload the rest of PSM's swimsuit issues.
  4. Straydog

    Star Trek: Klingon

    You! The one who is moving now! Respond! Experience Bij!
  5. Straydog

    Bug's Life, A

    It's harvest time!
  6. Can we get this uncensored please?
  7. It took a long for me to really come around to HD, the first HDtv I bought in late 2007 was only 720p and was honestly kind of a piece of crap, I remember never being as impressed by the picture quality as I expected to be. However in early 2011 I bought my first 1080p television and that was much, much better. Consequently though I hung onto my old CRT television which I still use for standard def consoles like the PS2.
  8. I know exactly the image you're talking about! But unfortunately my EGM collection is so vast and I don't know the particular issue. However I can say that I first started buying EGM in 2002 so I believe you may want to look at 2002 issues.
  9. I think there's a couple of reasons. For one money is tight for a lot of people these days, I know it is for me and gaming only gets more expensive as time goes on, I've gone from owning a PS2, Xbox and Gamecube to a PS3, Wii and 360 to now only having a PS4 and a PC, I decided to invest the most money in a PC since the vast majority of new releases come out on PC anyway and it's usually the best version with the best graphics and so on, so it's no surprise that consoles would decline in popularity when they're no longer the best option. Then you have kerfluffles like Gamergate which damaged the mainstream's perception of gaming and gamers, it's no surprise to me that 2010 would be the peak year as that was the peak time period of gaming's mainstream popularity with games like Guitar Hero and the Wii, now unfortunately gamers are back in the doghouse as being as seen as a seedy, disreputable culture, for a lot of people today "gamer" is probably synonymous with "Alt-Right" (not saying this is at all correct, just what the mainstream's perception is), I mean there was an episode of Law & Order depicting gamers as a pseudo ISIS like group, the days of everyone and their grandma playing Guitar Hero and the Wii are long gone. I've also heard of weird stuff like kids today preferring to watch people play games on Youtube rather than play games themselves.
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