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  1. amazing how a second monitor makes a difference

  2. SMW wallpaper, stage: Yoshi's Island 2 by @raphaellopesph on @dribbble https://t.co/Tnkzrlq8rs

  3. Interesting moves from Google http://t.co/7QFwi9CWvr

  4. on a much smaller scale, of course =)

  5. It's not the best part of the software, but that always makes me smile https://t.co/C4C0Ejsw6f so simple, so cool

  6. F1 has a new death of a pilot, 21 years after the last (Ayrton Senna). Very sad.

  7. that moment when you discover something new in the problem you're trying to solve and realize that it is much bigger than you thought. pain

  8. I really liked the new updates on @dribbble, became more simple/practical to navigate

  9. Status: revirando coisas (muito) antigas http://t.co/ZuoDM8bvVk

  10. “Thank you for everything, Adobe. I really want to move on” by @deezel https://t.co/TqhZvs778g

  11. RT @designforhuman: I just published “New to Framer? Just 3 Things to Get You Started” @framerjs https://t.co/5M0B31D1Sr