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  1. I still sub to PC Gamer. It's the last one left alive from the mags I read as a kid. It's not what it used to be, but still worth a read. I miss Coconut Monkey though.
  2. I used to be a big fan of OXM, mostly for the demo discs though. The thing about their reviews is that they claimed everything was good, and I don't remember a game getting something lower than a 6 until deep in the mags review cycle. My first X-Box games (other than the pack-ins of a Sega racing game and Jet Set) was some horrible Terminator game, that I only bought because I was a fan of the IP and it got a half way decent review. Thankfully the next few I got were Morrowwind, Panzer Dragoon Orta, and Halo, so after the horrible start I got some good stuff.
  3. Leathco

    Stephen King's It 2017 Spoilers!

    I thought the movie was great, and did a good job telling the story of the parts of the book it handled. Would love to see a sequel to finish the full story.
  4. Glad to see Torrents making a comeback, as I was a huge fan of the old "big" torrent that was floating around years back. Also VERY glad for another reason: I had a hard drive failure, and it was the drive all my old game mag scans were on. I came to start the long process of pulling them all back down, to find thankfully torrents are alive again! So, thanks, and thanks again!
  5. Leathco

    Games you are currently playing or recently beaten

    Putting a lot of hours into Metal Gear V lately. I messed around with Mighty No 9 some, but it just isn't the game I was hoping it would be. I plan on picking up the new Doom soon.
  6. Leathco

    Congrats to Areala our newest Admin

  7. Let me break them down for ya. Retro: US publication, kickstarted by fans. In its second run, preparing to release its 11th issue. This is the one Kennedy started. Retro Gamer: UK publication, available in the US via import. Began in 2004, came close to closing but was purchased by Imagine and continues to run to this day. Retro Gaming: US publication. Had 2 issues released in 2014. Currently on hiatus, although the website is still active with new articles.
  8. Gotta say that triverses attempt to buy the mag has fell thru. At least thats what he posted over on AtariAge. I'd like to see Retro come back, but it's looking pretty bad for the mag right now.
  9. Leathco


    Thanks for recovering these. Glad the entirety of the mag is saved from oblivion. I forgot all about that 2007 special. I was really hoping for a reboot back then, but it didn't happen. I seem to remember a "digital only" PCXL website as an offshoot of an old gaming website (I think it was called daily radar), but it died after a month.
  10. Leathco

    What games deserve a sequel?

    I'm waiting for a new Chrono game. We got Chrono Trigger, Chrono Cross, and now nothing. For one of the greats of the 16 bit era, it's gotten very little love other than in re-releases of the original game. Even Cross hasn't seen a re-release, which was a great game as well.
  11. I liked how the konami code worked with ultra games as well. I never knew til I got older that they were the same company.
  12. Leathco

    How do you keep track of your magazines?

    The ones I have I arrange by release date in milk crates.
  13. Leathco

    Retromags Roadmap for 2016

    Yea, I'd be fine with that. I could set up an FTP account for you whenever you are ready.
  14. I forgot all about Issue 0 of this. Wasn't it included with another magazine at the time?
  15. Leathco

    TMNT: The Complete Classic Series Collection (DVD)

    Wow, those van based cases are pretty cool! I have these already but almost tempted to rebuy just for the storage case.