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  1. Hey all,

    Trying to get a read on some of the old game magazines I have. Collected many of the original Playstation mags back in the day, and have complete sets of many of the early publications. One that I have not heard much about is the first issue of PSX magazine - also known as Playstation Experience at one point. This is the Sendai publication that went on to become the original OPM in the US. Came out in mid 1995 before even the Playstation was released, with Michelle of Tekken fame on the front cover. I could have sworn that I heard somewhere that this one was fetching a high price on the market.

    Also have the first issue of Dimension PSX, which was later renamed PS Extreme. None of these are on the site as downloads.

    Can anyone chime in if there would be interest from the community to take these off my hands, or are they more just donation material?

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