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  1. Why am I looking at installing Linux?

  2. RT @Swaggernick7: The second the @49ers extend @AldonSmith, I'm copping a #99 jersey. GET IT DONE.

  3. Glad I got a Nvidia MGSV code for $25 Nuuvem was actually expensive

  4. God damn I stayed up way too late playing Rising Thunder. They're definitely onto something. Crow is fun as hell.

  5. RT @Wario64: Pre-owned 32GB Wii U is $110 at Cowboom with code WiiU81315 http://t.co/IN1CIBkDVh

  6. RT @tswiftnews666: If Taylor Swift Says Her Name Backwards, She Must Return To Her Home Dimension

  7. Considering selling my laptop and getting something that I can actually run CSGO on.

  8. RT @OnThisDayGaming: Today marks the 29th anniversary of the metroid series.Think nintendo will do something for the 30th anniversary?Or …

  9. RT @Wario64: Final Fantasy XV coming out in 2016 http://t.co/J8oleucOyV

  10. Windrunner is what this meta has been missing, need skillshots to make it exciting

  11. Another TI another Cancer Lancer

  12. RT @ixmike88: we were pooling arty bottles 3 years ago.

  13. Gonna try and track down a copy of Amped 3 this week. Making a spotify playlist too for people who still remember how good the soundtrack is

  14. I can't believe it but Rash is a great KI character

  15. Wow supposedly Grabbed by the Ghoulies got a big time remaster in that package too.

  16. Oh god I forgot Grabbed by the Ghoulies is in rare replay

  17. Oh god Quantum Break is bane posting the game

  18. RT @fanfiction_txt: SCP Foundation VS ISIS

  19. Fuck should I keep my ps4 phantom pain CE if the PC version is out same day?

  20. About damn time, I doubt we'll ever see Matsuno's true vision for the game but it'll be nice to see the international edition features.

  21. Finally finished the Golden Age arc. Guts had a hard life...

  22. RIP Rowdy Roddie Piper