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  1. Just curious I live in Maine myself. Lots of cold, snow, and staying indoors for me most of the year haha I love it though. I moved here a few years ago from northern NY. It is a lot more peaceful and calm.
  2. I used to get Game Informer but I have since let them go. I felt there was too much filler in it. Any suggestions?
  3. Right now I have a bit of everything on SNES. I am trying to get my hands on a game cube and a dream cast. I have some old games that I wanna play but I don't have the systems anymore.
  4. I will look into this one. I did a quick search and a lot of youtubers use this I guess for like their first camera. I am looking to use it for youtube as well as events go to to get great pics. Thanks!
  5. Thanks I enjoy a bit of everything. I play Mortal Kombat, Madden, Call of Duty, and Halo mostly but I touch on other games like Dead Rising an such as well.
  6. If you like 8, you will like 10 but if you loved 7, you will be let down again. lol
  7. That isn't too bad but I want it to be on par with the DLSR cameras. I know that is asking alot. haha Someone told me to get a Go Pro but I hate the way they look.
  8. Looking to expand my friends list on there. I also play on Xbox One/360 but not as often. I prefer PC gaming.
  9. I am looking to buy some and I am not sure if I should do eBay or if there is a better more trusted option out there.
  10. I would have loved to see a remake or sequel to Conker's Bad Fur Day. Yes, it was a stupid game but I loved it when it came out. I believe it was only on N64. Either way, it had a bit of humor in it that just make me laugh every time I played it.
  11. My best friend was addicted to that game! We used to go to Raw and PPV's together when they were in the area. I wasn't into the game all that much but I used to love WWF/E
  12. That sounds like a system issues. I always just gave them a nice blow and they work. Try cleaning out the system tray. If you are brave, take it apart and see if anything is stuck in there.
  13. I get a lot of classics and remakes off the marketplace. My most recent is the TMNT game. I played that for hours when I was younger so I was glad to see it for sale on there. I have others as well but I am curious to see if anyone else plays classics on modern systems?
  14. That is pretty amazing! I was obsessed with that game as a teen. I still have it actually on Nintendo!
  15. I try to get out at least once week. My wife works out of the house, but I work from home. I am the stay at home wife I guess haha but I do work most days, 14 hours. I am a systems administrator for a major website.
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