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  1. They would never ban Eminem, and Eminem has approached and encouraged topics that Tyler hasn't,

  2. Jealous that all of my friends are at college, but I'm just watching Netflix all day.

  3. When people are so "progressive" they hate interracial couples http://t.co/8L6M3J8WVB

  4. Can't wait to work 9 hours and close again

  5. RT @nolan_north: Wow. Caitlyn Jenner has already let herself go. https://t.co/skQuPNlrbu

  6. RT @TheOnion: "No one but me is laying a hand on those guns." http://t.co/C8eP4ENaID http://t.co/816DT4vT6T

  7. Why do I stay up.

  8. I better stop tweeting, lest my boss at work gets influenced by blue haired feminist assholes. Whoops I said it

  9. RT @JustinRoiland: Just learned that they bleep the word "retarded" at 2am on NBC. How far we've come.

  10. RT @shoe0nhead: eeeeeeelook what was waiting for me when i arrived home

  11. No one is too good for some well produced pop music, and Carly really delivers

  12. https://t.co/MmHOoaXuhi

    Really? Make votes from black people weigh more. The Washington Post. No one's vote should be worth more than mine

  13. https://t.co/IEO3DkUHlZ That's perfect, Rick and Morty gets it all right.

  14. Oh my god I just found out Eminem was featured on a Biggie track. I'm exceedingly happy right now.

  15. I think that's enough Twitter for today. Don't forget to check that privilege! #killallmen #killallwhites

  16. RT @MyNintendoNews: Shantae Leads Latest Smash Bros Fighter Ballot Fan Poll On Reddit http://t.co/ulrvzQsTSa http://t.co/SFFSNMBgPn


  18. I am playing a game where you are a squid child shooting paint all over a warehouse. How did this come to be, and why do I love it?