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  1. Really excited for this show! Freaking love @JohnStamos! This + #FullerHouse = Good time to be alive! @FOXTV https://t.co/lesvafyVm9

  2. In celebration of #GameBoy's 25th anniversary, I may play a bit of #SuperMarioLand and #PokemonBlue. ;)@NintendoAmerica @Pokemon

  3. I'm aware I'm likely in a minority, but the fur trade makes me sick. Faux fur exists, people. #EndAnimalCruelty https://t.co/uVaxNBFHtp

  4. RT @StateDept: At #UNGA, @JohnKerry meets with Iranian Foreign Minister @JZarif for the first time since #IranTalksVienna. http://t.co/fqF6…

  5. Love this; very short mini-prequel and theme song for #StevenUniverse! https://t.co/GOy4sL0F3b

  6. Trying out a #KoreanDrama called #Jumong. Let's see how #Korean people do making #TVShows! #Discovery

  7. RT @RayvonOwen: #TeamRayvon, let's get #AirEP trending. We're a small fandom, but I think we can do this! We can do this, #RayBaes!http:/…

  8. Super late night #TVShow session with the boyfriend! #HerculesTheLegendaryJourneys and #XenaWarriorPrincess are always great #action shows!

  9. Let the #PS4 buying consideration begin. Really want it! @Sony @PlayStation https://t.co/gm7TwGFlGA

  10. Help free Kaavan the elephant from 28 years of solitary confinement - Sign the Petition! https://t.co/mvj2Y2cIkN via @Change

  11. Thinking of buying the #StevenUniverse #Android game. Looks legit! Plus... I'm obsessed. #VideoGames

  12. I've begun to realize that I understand nothing about most dramatic situations. #Truth

  13. If you didn't pick up this album the moment it came out, you're a heretic. All can be forgiven, however! BUY IT! <3 https://t.co/Z5ZZgPv0sW

  14. Speaking of awesome @ReverbNation #Discover artists, this band called #Korbee (@korbeemusic) is stellar! Click it! https://t.co/Qp0QLz1Rni

  15. After my newfound obsession with cartoons, thx to #StevenUniverse, I'm thinking of checking out this #StarVsTheForcesOfEvil show! #Cartoons

  16. All of my #TalkLikeAPirateDay ideas got mean looks from my boyfriend, and my mast still wasn't polished. #Bummer

  17. TN Representative @DrPhilRoe asking for constituents opinions on President Obama's Iran Deal; give your opinion! https://t.co/mnvfa2vyzj

  18. Been messing around on @Pokemon.com all day. Very fun site, all kinds of stuff to mess with! Favorite #Pokemon list: (Kind of!) Done! :D

  19. Current debate: Play @KINGDOMHEARTS, watch #StevenUniverse, try to get my boyfriend 'in the mood.' **Compares Effort** @KINGDOMHEARTS it is.

  20. #StevenUniverse is the best cartoon I've seen in a long time; and with my boyfriend, I watch a LOT of cartoons. @cartoonnetwork #TVShows

  21. My mom asked me how I got so kind and accepting the other night. I said "Two women! You and this marvelous being called @jk_rowling!"

  22. This good sir you overheard has his priorities and morals all sorted out! https://t.co/IjfILbuFv9

  23. Finally watched @BoyhoodMovie! #RichardLinklater is absolutely phenomenal, and it has one of the BEST casts ever. Blown away. #MustWatch