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  1. Only the expired magazines:
  2. Yes, there's a lot of stuff's either made into a pdf from image files and/or made smaller (around 100 MB or less), and there's always a text-search enabled via OCR if it wasn't yet. And of course that it'd be all in just few clicks.
  3. Well, I guess anyone might PM me about stuff. Can you recommend me a more relevant forum?
  4. Maybe the Internet Archive would be interested in hosting this for an instant download, instead of just separate magazines?
  5. 1 TB, yeah. I once tried to private torrent-seed something but it didn't seemed to work. Maybe a public torrent would work better. Would you be interested in something like that? (I suppose you have some publishing date limitations like oldmags do.)
  6. So over the years I collected this collection of mine (1 GB, reasonably compressed, OCR for text searches in various languages) and would like to perhaps share in some way, also so I could recover it in case if something happened and I lost it. Please tell me if you have any suggestions, I never did it online before. Also a member for years, but yes only my first post or any other activity other than downloading (and then turning into these pdfs of mine).
  7. Hello LiterallyHitler, Welcome to the Retromags Community!