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  1. PS4 for Christmas. I love it so far. Last classic was an Odyssey 2 over the summer.
  2. I'd say PS2/Gamecube and under. I still prefer N64/Saturn and under, though. Genesis/SNES and earlier as my favorite time. The SMS/NES days were excellent.
  3. Yars Revenge or Bezerk. Both were excellent games that I still play when I have the chance.
  4. Comical on Windows 10 with a Surface Pro 4. Also, some other program on the iPad.
  5. EGM, with Gamepro coming in second. There were some others, too, but those two really stick in my head as the best during the dawn of the 16-bit era and I have the most memories with. I stopped reading them in the mid 90's, though. The others aren't bad by any means, though. Just those were my favorites.
  6. Hello PC509, Welcome to the Retromags Community!