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  1. If you do manage to sync it with your Nook, Areala, let me know how it turns out. We never had any of those devices at my work and I didn't really do any thorough testing with the NP#1 ePub, but it's always good for a programmer to hear feedback.
  2. Ever since I setup my NAS, I've been spending a bit of time each weekend archiving various forms of media that I've collected over the years. At my most recent job, I was tasked to code a web-based ePub reader for a publishing company that required me to learn a bit about the ePub specification. As a result of my research, and as an experimental project, I decided to take Nintendo Power, Issue 1, and create an ePub file from scratch. It turned out really good, and reading the magazine on my iPad with the native iBooks app is quite an experience. I was able to code a table of contents and started writing out all the text content of the magazine, for searching purposes, but only got a couple of pages deep before I realized how time-consuming that would be. It's still pretty cool, and creating the navigation document / metadata is pretty easy and interesting to do. If you're interested in downloading it, I have it hosted one of my blogs: http://code.mrslayer.com/making-epubs-from-scratch/
  3. Hey there, Phillyman. Haven't been on this site in quite a while, glad to see it's still going. 'Grats on the engagement, by the way! I noticed on the main page you're looking for a developer. PM me if you haven't got anyone lined up yet. I can shoot ya my resume and portfolio, as I've got an itch to do some design work.
  4. Yeah I can usually manage 500-600 HP with a full attack on MBJ, so I probably could finish him off most times.
  5. MrSlayer

    My Website

    Hey, I just updated my company's website, www.showdownarmy.com It's a skateboard/snowboard clothing company and I'm just posting this here to see if you guys can check it out and let me know how it loads and everything. I don't got all the different browsers and whatnot, so I can only test it so far. Thanks in advance.
  6. I was doing it in the newspaper on my breaks at work. I got hooked. Me and some colleagues use to print up a copy of the same one and try to get done first. So this is pretty neat.
  7. No problem. Good luck, hopefully you can manage to save most of it.
  8. I've used OnTrack EasyRecovery Pro in the past. I was able to get a whole helluva lot of pictures and fonts from my downed HD, but any bad sectors resulted in corrupted files. Worth a shot, nonetheless.
  9. jbbdude: You are allowed to EDIT you posts instead of having to double post.
  10. yeah i like it i ithinkikn its fair.
  11. I hope that this is true, because that's great. Too bad they aren't wireless, though.
  12. Yeah, I thought I remember a site having some of the old NES and SNES-era boxart and manuals, and while it is interesting, it doesn't really apply to this site. However, it might be a good idea to affiliate with some of them to help promote what Philly's doing and also promote what they're doing.
  13. I'm working on it so I can recruit MBJ and Newsbot to my team! LOL
  14. walking is good in new york!
  15. that's tight, dude. i'm drivin a mk4 VW golf or GTI. http://www22.brinkster.com/pulverized/Side.jpg copy n paste the URL if you wanna see a pic. some more work has been done to it since then (all black grill, and side exhaust, to name a few). it's pretty mean, but i want to get a Audi A3 wagon and do all engine work so i can really piss off the mustangs around here.
  16. i remember donkey kong jr. math! it's so easy to beat, though.
  17. So, in an effort to strike up some conversation... what kind of car does everyone have?
  18. MrSlayer

    R.I.P. UMD

    I agree, it seems a lot of Sony's formats just fall out of the market because none of them are any good. My brother bought a miniDisc setup by Sony when they first came out and I just knew it was doomed. He had the walkman and everything, and it just never worked out. You can get portable DVD players even cheaper than 99 bucks now, so there is no benefit to having the PSP format because their discs (when it comes to movies) just lack a whole bunch of the extras that are on their DVD counterparts and the cost is not much of a difference.
  19. Ehh, pretty interesting read. Makes you think maybe Microsoft is the one behind all this propoganda just as the article is claiming Sony is behind all of it to kill the Dreamcast.
  20. Yeah I was really disappointed with the pricing for the PS3. I got myself a 360 and because the Wii is going to be so much more affordable, I plan on getting one of those too.
  21. Good point. That would be pretty kickass.
  22. wow that's pretty crazy. i remember seeing the 1988 world championships cartridges going on ebay for quite a bit, so i'm sure these are raking in the dough as well.
  23. I'd like to know more about that Nintendo Official Magazine from Canada.
  24. Not all are available as it seems. I'm not a premium member yet but I have been able to download whatever magazines they release no problem. The premium members will get earlier releases and other things not made publically available as well as (correct me if I'm wrong, Philly) direct access to download the files as opposed to downloading a torrent.
  25. I tried clicking the link at Digg.com, but it just directed me to a page with a bunch of broken image links. Is there a text version or has anyone else had this same problem?
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