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  1. This is the greatest thing I've ever seen
  2. Ooh I just saw this thread. Thank you! Certainly beats paying to ship stuff across the world from Yahoo Auctions
  3. Huge thanks Kitsu & ccovell. These old ones are really difficult to get hold of.
  4. I started this last year but it's turned into a ridiculously huge undertaking You can click on the publication to see all the games they reviewed, click on the issue to see games in that issue, or click on the game itself to see which mags reviewed it, etc Haven't really done any American mags though. All UK stuff.
  5. I did that on a local/offline php site just for my own use, it's a really handy feature! Other plans are to add some filter controls, so you can display just mags for a certain country, publisher, system, etc
  6. Wasn't going to post again about it, but now I've had a chance to read some of that special Super Play issue, it's so great I just had to. Obviously Wil Overton drew the cover art, but they also got back the original writers, and the page layout inside looks so authentic I wouldn't be surprised if they dug out the original QuarkXPress project files. Colours, fonts, everything is spot on. It's 52 pages which didn't sound a lot, but considering the lack of advert pages, content wise it feels close to a full length mag. There's a feature on the Classic, and the beginnings of the SFC/SNES and Super Play itself, a preview of Star Fox 2 (no official review due to an NDA, they say), an interview with Dylan Cuthbert (Star Fox 2), an Anime World feature, 20 full reviews of the rest of the SNES Classic games (1 or 2 pages each), 5 smaller 'Import' reviews of the extra SFC Classic games, and a What Cart special of the games they wished had also made it onto the system. Highly recommended. I still can't get over how Nintendo didn't include Pilotwings, though.
  7. Thanks for the heads up! I just ran to the shops and picked one up (actual old school physical shops for that authentic Super Play experience). Bit annoyed it costs £4.99 including shipping online, but found in the shop it's £5.99! They don't even fetch it off the shelf for you.
  8. The SD2 has other advantages too, eg the MSU-1 thing and faster loading. It's obviously the one to have if money is no object but just thought I'd point out you can save a fair bit and still play the same stuff with the Everdrive version.
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