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  1. RT @Kohls: RT for a chance to win Star Wars: The Force Awakens tickets #ForceOfFamily #KohlsSweepstakes https://t.co/6jrnlzpdJu https://t.c…

  2. Since we've spotted some people in cosplay today, is there some convention in the West Bend/Southeast WI area?

  3. WWE 2K16: Finn Bálor vs. Daniel Bryan Falls Count Anywhere: https://t.co/E1kPn06IME via @YouTube

  4. Playing at Tampa Bay. I just punched my ticket to the playoffs. https://t.co/Th9p1KZoEc

  5. RT @LegionOfDoomMUT: Words of wisdom. Look at yourself first. Learn from losing. https://t.co/t7X4Rs45VK

  6. Just got home from workWHAT IS GOING ON! #GBvsDET

  7. RT @MikeAndMike: Retweet this for a chance to win a UFC 2-themed special edition PS4! https://t.co/FGNoVi4W05

  8. Not that a lot have played it, but number 1 on my friends list on Street Fighter! #PS4share https://t.co/WFwGV3HJ0t

  9. My grandpa and I walking down to the nearby ice cream place that had a Donkey Kong machine. First Arcade game for me https://t.co/CDX74fGZf8

  10. I was trying to think if this was an over statement...but you might be right! https://t.co/8cUGOzPlZR

  11. WWE seems to have realized that New Day is the best thing going right now.

  12. Saw Wild Gunman at @GameTradeLLC last night, Angela was really excited until I told her it wouldn't work on any TV in our apartment.

  13. So if you never hear from me again, assume I was trampled to death when the doors open.

  14. WWE 2K16 Sting vs. Ultimate Warrior: https://t.co/IIPetclUrJ via @YouTube

  15. WWE 2K16 Finn Bálor vs Tyler Breeze: https://t.co/mYQIeaC37X via @YouTube

  16. The Ottawa Senators use Adam Rose' theme as thier goal song AND that made it in NHL.https://t.co/t9LdhmgPoe https://t.co/0NCIitRFIv

  17. Cubs had to go and remember they're the Cubs, huh?

  18. Quick, someone name a Premier League team for me to play as in FIFA.

  19. Speaking of WWE 2k16, I'm hoping this week we get some info (match listing) for the Stone Cold showcase.

  20. I thought Chargers were gonna complete that last pass. 6-0!

  21. Another fantasy football slaughter seems to be in the works. Feels good to be on the giving side for a change.

  22. RT @arjache: Triforce Heroes has the best explanation of how to block people I’ve ever read http://t.co/07brOPxXlR

  23. Was excited to find a Pinball machine today, and then sad to see that it wasn't working great. Was still playable though.

  24. I impressed Angela with my corn maze navigation skills. I thank The Legend of Zelda, along with others.

  25. In the background.