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  1. Maybe it's who I follow, but I really haven't seen much excitement for Halo 5. I wasn't sure if it was actually coming out this year.

  2. I like how Sonic Jam has a Mega Drive-style shit manual, for nostalgic authenticity. http://t.co/c97WaX4FLE

  3. Mainly feels like I've been waiting all these years just for that one scene.

  4. In Home Improvement's reality, is Home Improvement a broad slapstick comedy show, or a real DIY show that Tim Taylor presents incompatently?

  5. I liked that game a lot first time around, but trying to go back to it really tests your convictions. Such a slow game.

  6. THERE WAS A JINGLE CATS GAME!? https://t.co/TuTqeOhk95

  7. RT @actionofcreate: Upcoming video Teaser screenshot reveal! #projectsession #indiedev #gamedev #indiegames What d'you think about it? http…

  8. Project Session still looks nice http://t.co/7fIBZ1tntH

  9. I have no more tears to shed.

  10. If there was ever a reason to delay a game, that would be it.

  11. I had a cat play the iOS version of Noby Noby Boy once. We looked at each other with perfect understanding.

  12. RT @SavyGamer: Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, PS4 - £31.95 http://t.co/auRylcR14J

  13. Splatoon, MGSV and Mario Maker have stayed quite steady in my rotation.

  14. Here's a spoiler - Unless Yakuza 5 is a massive disappointment, I don't think I'll be doing a Happy Home Designer video.

  15. I think Glesgames is taking ConCon 8.5's place, unless anybody's really keen on streaming the PlayStation Experience off pub wifi again.

  16. I should live alone. It's great.

  17. Resetti seems to have taken to his new house better than I expected. #ACHappyHome #3DS http://t.co/Drpr4nTlEm

  18. I did one in less than 5 takes last year. It was a Christmas miracle.

  19. Looking forward to doing a long overdue thing on a controversial 2015 release.

  20. Anybody else think it's a bit concerning that Metal Gear Online is a PSN item and not just part of a free update?

  21. Oh great. They put the internet into my game. http://t.co/jrUlwP2fdi