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  1. I know, I saw it I just have problems with uploading anything, my provider restricts seeding apparently now :(
  2. I tried, it said creating an account was not permitted :( So i guess it's not open there.
  3. The CGW archive doesn't seem to exist on filefront anymore :(
  4. Where Are The More Recent Nintendo Powers?

    36 issues is definately a lot. I have a scanner and could probably finish those issues I love using my scanner, LOL.
  5. Unknown Google Invite

    Oh, I plan to stick around here An invite for google would be nice, but I always try to post on the message board I'm most frequently a member of.
  6. Newbie Help

    Hey all, I just joined here and I would like an invite to google as well so I can pour over all the mags :-p LOL. I'm a heavy gamer and a number of my friends are as well (including a few girls). Jared