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  1. Inquest and (later) issues of the Duelist actually had a lot of PC game coverage. Inquest did a lot of articles on MMOs, while Duelist and Topdeck (it's successor magazine) reviewed Playstation and Dreamcast games fairly regularly
  2. Time to complete Final Fantasy 9: 12-80 hours ....wat
  3. The thing that fascinates me most in these letter sections are the "correspondence/pen pal" sections you see in some magazines, where they print peoples addresses, age, and interests, and you can just write them a letter. I'm really curious to see what would happen if I just picked one out, and pretended like I wrote it back in the 90s and it got "lost in the mail" for 20 years and was finally delivered
  4. @Caladrius_kun


  6. Hacking the NES Classic was shockingly easy. Just spent half an hour playing NES Family Feud lol

  7. RT @Michael_Buffer: This is a disgrace..when a player like @JoelEmbiid gets dissed it turns off fans everywhere! 76ers fans stay strong-SUP…

  8. RT @minakimes: me getting comfy on the sixers bandwagon

  9. RT @PhilaBCoulter: I've never wanted to see anything more in my life.

  10. RT @skrefetz: I never do these things, so you better hit that like button

  11. Yugioh is a long mess of a movie. Seto Kaiba is literal Trump, down to people yelling at him how he treats consumers and employers

  12. This movie is SO LONG

  13. Boss Baby looks horrific