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  3. Hacking the NES Classic was shockingly easy. Just spent half an hour playing NES Family Feud lol

  4. RT @Michael_Buffer: This is a disgrace..when a player like @JoelEmbiid gets dissed it turns off fans everywhere! 76ers fans stay strong-SUP…

  5. RT @minakimes: me getting comfy on the sixers bandwagon

  6. RT @PhilaBCoulter: I've never wanted to see anything more in my life.

  7. RT @skrefetz: I never do these things, so you better hit that like button

  8. Yugioh is a long mess of a movie. Seto Kaiba is literal Trump, down to people yelling at him how he treats consumers and employers

  9. This movie is SO LONG

  10. Boss Baby looks horrific

  11. Marvel only has a $1000 lead on Pokken. Please donate to make Evo watchable

  12. RT @JamColley: check out this retro twitter app

  13. RT @ray_kng: I cope with the first week of Trump's presidency by reading Trump hentai

  14. RT @JoelEmbiid: Once again the popular vote didn't matter......

  15. RT @seelix: I don't get why everyone's surprised at @teenvogue. We live in a YA dystopia. *Of course* plucky teen girls and their mentors w…

  16. RT @MaxRappaport: Remember this when Embiid gets snubbed in an hour

  17. RT @stevenplin: NintendoAGE user NintendoTwizer compiled a 1262 game Wii set and provided a list with some good rarity information. https:/…

  18. RT @WeLoveRobDyrdek: When you're walking upstairs and miss a step

  19. God Kenny Omega is actually going to sign with WWE isn't he

  20. In other wrestling news, new Observer has Roman Reigns and Undertaker being a WM match which will be a good bathroom break