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  1. I'm going to start with ones that focus fully on gaming: - Pelit - started in 1992, with eight issues per year. One of the oldest gaming mags worldwide that's still being published, nearly at the 300 issue milestone. - Peliasema - 1998 to October 2001, 29 issues, console-gaming focused. - Pelaaja - 2002, monthly. Still published, passed the 200 issue milestone a few months back. - Pelit vuosikirja - 1987 to 1991, one per year, two in 1990 and 1991. - PC Pelaaja - December 2005 to March(?) 2007, 22 issues. So that'd be a whole lot of database entries. Other than those, rest have various problems. Such as Joyboy: no point in adding the mag, when I haven't managed to track down a single issue and have no idea how many there are in total. And early years of Mikrobitti were about 80% gaming and gaming hardware, but like I mentioned, those have been digitalized by the publisher and are being sold. Then there's the mags that were only partially about gaming. Not sure if these fit the scope of the site. - C=Lehti (1987 to 1992, 29 issues, Commodore-focused. Sample issue here: https://archive.org/details/C-Lehti-1987-3/ :: about 40% gaming-related content. Already fully scanned on IA.) - Com Club (1992 to 1993? I doubt it passed the 20 issue mark. Published by a game shop, mostly text reviews plus the store catalog taking up third of the 'mag'. Sample issue - https://archive.org/details/comclub199206 ) - Trioposti (1988 to 19??. Another game store magazine. It started as 40-page B&W mag with reviews and articles, but by end of 1992 it had turned into a simple leaflet with nothing but store catalog in it. Not sure how many issues there were that could be counted as a magazine. Sample issue, not that you'll get much out of it without being fluent in Finnish - https://archive.org/details/trioposti198801 )
  2. Okay, thanks. Not worth the price the seller was asking for them, then. Except for possible missing issues, but trying to figure out which ones are missing seems problematic. I own some issues of C+VG itself, but I don't remember ever seeing this supplement. I was buying the mag regularly in 1990-1991, so maybe the newsagents weren't bundling it over here in Finland... or maybe Go! was subscriber-only? Re-scans are usually low on my priority list, but if I ever get the other stuff out of the way I'll re-scan some of early 90s C+VG. The few that are in scannable condition, anyway: for some reason, many are missing covers but are in otherwise pristine condition. Not sure how that happened, probably a bad habit of picking up mags by cover as a kid and these seem to have been more fragile than a lot of other mags.
  3. I spotted a collection of English magazines called Go! (subtitle: Hand-Held Video Games, published in early 1990s) in a local consignment store. The mags were rather expensive, so I'm not sure if I should buy them. The thing is, I can't find any information about the mag. And with such a simple name, I can't even figure out if those have already been scanned...? There's a few on eBay (search for 'go magazine hand-held'). What exactly is this mag? It has a low page count, and evidently it was free but was published for over 20 issues. Seems to be an UK mag since the only issues listed on eBay are located there. Does anyone happen to know if this mag has already been scanned? ...if not, are they worth scanning?
  4. If I've understood correctly, I can't do anything before the main database entries are added. And that it'll take a lot of work to add even a single entry. So... priorities. Pelit, Pelaaja, Pelit vuosikirja, and PC Pelaaja are the ones that probably should be added first. Since those had gaming as the main focus. I'll dig up a list of issue numbers if needed, just lemme know. Mikrobitti and C-Lehti are about 50% gaming content. Printti was only about 20% gaming. No reviews, but occasional maps and solutions. Not sure if site-relevant. Don't know enough about Joyboy (probably 100% gaming), Micropost, Enter, and Kompuutteri Kaikille: the last two are likely gaming-light. As for the hobbyist / game store 'magazines': Trioposti and Com Club were mostly focused on games, MSX Uutiset was gaming/hardware. And as I mentioned, Nintendo-lehti, Pelimestari, and PC Gamer (Suomi) are translations of English mags and therefore not high priority for archival. Not sure if those are even worth adding here.
  5. I am not the best editor, but I was already planning to upload some of them to the Internet Archive. So might as well upload the scans here, too. The few that I can scan, anyway. Lets see, by the mag: - Pelit: Not the top priority, this already has a tribute site over at http://www.jukkaeronen.com/web/fantasya/pelit.html. But I have already digitized some of the earlier issues for my own use. Like with some other magazines, I was thinking of uploading one of the oldest issues to the Internet Archive and seeing if somebody files a takedown for it. If it's still there after a few months, I'll think of uploading more. - Mikrobitti: I own most of the older issues, but won't be scanning them. The magazine is still being published, and the publisher has digitized the oldest issues (1984-1989) and is selling them - https://www.mikrobitti.fi/retrobitti. - C= Lehti: Already fully on Internet Archive, though could use some better scans. I'll probably rescan a few issues, and if I do then I might as well upload them here. - Com Club: Already scanned and uploaded what I have on hand to the Internet Archive. I might be able to find a couple more issues in storage. - Trioposti: I should have some issues in storage, but haven't found them. Will scan whatever I find... eventually. - Enter: Can't scan, never owned a single issue and I haven't seen any in flea markets for the past decade or so. - Kompuutteri Kaikille: Same as above. - Micropost: Never seen a single issue, the mag is probably completely lost to time by now. - Joyboy: Same as above. - MSX Uutiset: First issue is on the Internet Archive. I used to own a few more, but seem to have lost them over the years. Might still turn up somewhere, though. - Pelaaja: Never owned many of these, was more of a fan of the competing Pelit-magazine. - PC Gamer (Suomi): Same as above, and it's nearly identical to the UK version anyway. - PC Pelaaja: 2005 is not quite retro enough for my tastes, but I own most of the issues. The mag is no longer being published, and high on my to-scan list. It had relatively low print numbers, so might as well make sure that it gets archived. - Pelimestari: Didn't even know that this existed before I checked wikipedia. - Nintendo-lehti: Nintendo Power is already fully archived, and this is just a translation with very few additional articles (and those are mostly fan art and pen pal sections). Might still scan what I have some day, but not a high priority. Come to think about it, there's also the Pelit vuosikirja (Games yearbook) which ran from 1987 to 1991. Large-sized publication that was full of game reviews. Would warrant a separate entry, since it's not strictly a part of the Pelit lehti (more of a precursor). Those yearbooks are legendary over here. I'll be able to scan one of them. I have a couple more, but those are in tatters (and full of scribbles). Not suited for scanning. And I likely won't find replacements, those go for $100+ on the Finnish ebay equivalent. (...like I said, those are legendary. Most midaged gamers remember them from their childhood.)
  6. Oh, and there's a few others that I failed to list. - Pelaaja (100% gaming focused, been running since 2002.) - PC Pelaaja (separated from the former in 2005 and ran for a couple of years, focusing on PC gaming while the other focused on consoles.) - Joyboy (Another game store magazine, ran from 1994-2001. Never seen this one myself.) - Pelimestari (Finnish translation of Games Master, ran from 1998 to 2005). - PC Gamer Suomi (Finnish translation of PC Gamer, ran from 1998 to at least 2000,. not sure for how long) - Nintendo-lehti (Finnish translation of Nintendo Power, ran from 1990 to 1994.) I don't see the last three as a high priority for archival, since the English versions have been scanne. There were also some short-lived Finnish Playstation 1 & 2 magazines that I know next to nothing about.
  7. Not sure if I'm just using the search function incorrectly, but the site seems to completely lack Finnish magazines? Such as: - Pelit (major one, been running since 1993 or so) - Mikrobitti (first published since 1984, still running but has became much more mainstream -- and uninteresting -- after 2003) - Printti (one of the oldest, and already archived over at https://www.flickr.com/photos/pelittaako/collections/72157650727960712/ ) - C=Lehti (archived fully on Internet Archive: https://archive.org/details/c-lehti ) - Enter (Mainstream, never bought this myself, but it ran from 2000 to 2006.) - Kompuutteri Kaikille (Was renamed to Kotimikro in 2004, still running. Started as a hybrid gaming/software/hardware magazine, but has become focused mostly on hardware over the years.) - Micropost (hobbyist magazine 1983-1985, very low print numbers. Never seen a copy of it myself.) - MSX Uutiset (hobbyist MSX magazine; first issue is on Internet Archive - https://archive.org/details/MSXUutiset11987 ) There's also a couple of 'magazines' published by game stores: - Com Club (little known monochrome publication by long-defunct Com 2001 game store, included the catalog of the store but also game reviews, news, etc. Here's one scan from Internet Archive: https://archive.org/details/comclub199303 ) - Trioposti (published by Triosoft game store, who are still active. Started as a small leaflet, became magazine-sized over the years, full of reviews, and ran for a couple of years during the golden age) Not quite sure if the last two fit the scope of this site, but the rest do. Is there any particular reason why they're excluded, or is it just because of lack of contributors? I could upload some covers for the gallery at least, if the entries were added. By the way, one modern Finnish magazine worth mentioning is Skrolli - https://skrolli.fi/en/. It covers wide range of topics, including retro gaming and computers. Too fresh to be included in this database, but I suspect that some folks here might be interested in it. It's made for (and by) hobbyists, most of whom have been gaming since 80s or earlier.
  8. Hello Zaltys, Welcome to the Retromags Community!

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