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  1. Don't know if I'll be ABLE to stream tonight. @comcast has been totally Comcastic all day today because my modem hasn't connected in hours.

  2. Don't worry, I'm inking my own TV deal soon, "I Have More Games Than TIme Left on Earth".

  3. Suddenly, Mrs. Bueller has very good reason to keep Jeanie away from the druggie in the police station.

  4. "Give me liberty, or give me $2 Beer Night!"*Gets $2 Beer Night*"HAHAHA WHO NEEDS LIBERTY! *gets drunk, fat, and complacent."America.txt

  5. Gary Numan (@numanofficial): New Album Experience update: Quiet Weekend @PledgeMusic #rock

  6. I sure am glad we all came together for France and then immediately engaged in a pissing contest about how other tragedies got glanced over.

  7. I just pre-ordered Gary Numan (@numanofficial): New Album Experience @PledgeMusic #rock

  8. *Turns "Dr. Andonuts' Lab" on an endless loop*Oh boy, here I go contemplatin' life again!

  9. Don't mind me, coworkers, just sitting here, waiting for your slow asses to get moving so I can clean my car, too.

  10. -Every single corporate executive deathly afraid of people discovering there is no "American Dream".

  11. I'll be back Sunday with some more GTAIII progression.

  12. Oh wait, my political rant has gone full circle and answered my own hypothetical question. A downward spiral of tweets and reality.

  13. nWo was, "We're taking over the WCW!"The LWO was, "Why are we Latinos relegated to opening matches against each other all the time?"

  14. This Ninja fiasco is confusing & frustrating, I may have been out through all this stress to find out that she doesn't want to live with me

  15. Fallout 4... my god... been playing for six hours and it feels like I haven't even put a dent into this game. It's pretty intimidating.