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  1. I love fan artwork. There should be a section on here for it. I would gladly share some I find online. Deviant Art has LOADS!
  2. I want to be a professional blogger/online business owner. I have a few different blogs going but have been investing a lot in them lately. I would love to be earning good money via online by the time I am 30. I am taking like $4,000+ a month. What is your dream job/career?
  3. I remember a few years ago my local Gamestop did away with everything prior to 2000. Will they eventually stop selling these games everywhere other than on stores like ebay, amazon, ect online?
  4. Liking this! I remember saying a few years ago I wish I could read my magazines I enjoyed on my tablet..
  5. I always just blew into it. lol That is how my oldest brother did it. He was in his late teens when I was just a kid so I looked up to him and watched everything he did.
  6. I feel like gaming has been steady now for a good 10 years. No major improvements and nothing new and innovative other than controllers and controller-less gaming. What do you think?
  7. Wow now this takes me back... Back to my brother screaming at me to get out the room because I cost him the biggest match! LOL I never played it but I have fond memories of my brother getting in trouble over the game.
  8. I asked this to several people and some consider 80's and 90's retro. Other said anything prior to xbox 360/wii/ps3 is retro. What do you think?
  9. Honestly, any of the old side scrolling games would be amazing to see updated. Specially the Nintendo ones. I seen quite a few great ideas posted.
  10. I loved how it played and I enjoyed playing it but the story felt meh. Like Idk if it was me or if this let down other fans but it didn't have that same conspiracy feel to it that I loved with the first 3.
  11. I am looking to get myself a WiiU and a DS if I can swing it. I want to get back into Mario, Zelda, ect games. I have not played much of anything on my PS4.
  12. I used to play WoW but gave it up back in 09. I am looking for a new one to get into but have no clue where to look. Anyone have any suggestions?
  13. Or is it just me? I see people on servers but a lot of servers are broken or end up being closed. It seems like the people who once enjoyed managing servers are getting bored with it. I never really played Minecraft all that much but it feels like it may be slowing down and dying off a bit. At least with its adult fans.
  14. I am on steam but I don't play a whole lot of online games. I am planning on getting some when they come out. I have been busy with work so not too much time to browse the newer games.
  15. I always loved Zelda games. This one looks amazing and I would totally buy it as well! Such nostalgia feels!
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