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  1. To anyone that grew up in San Francisco https://t.co/9s7W7dWffP

  2. Let's be real. Square wouldn't put out a game with a normal title.Multi-part FFVII allows them to add more numbers and obscure latin words.

  3. "I've known you long enough to know that Tim Gettys always has ulterior motives." - @IMFinnegan

  4. And the HUGEST shout out to @MaximumCortez @TomHawkin5 and @SeanTwisters for being the rockstars they are. As always.

  5. One day. :( #SaveThe Bandicoot

  6. About to go live with @notaxation on https://t.co/mG5uN66Vxn to talk about all sorts of nonsense