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  1. Ready to scan! Let's talk formats and Internet Archive?

    So, here's an update. The freeware program I used wasn't enough. I found a preset for B4 pages, but the height was always off. So for now, I'm cutting my losses and doing the whole skewing/cropping thing manually. Next time I'll try to plan better. I'll check back in when I'm ready to compile for the site/Internet Archive.
  2. Ready to scan! Let's talk formats and Internet Archive?

    I may have actually found a candidate. I'll keep you guys posted. I'm going to tinker a bit and then I need to get to bed.
  3. Ready to scan! Let's talk formats and Internet Archive?

    I didn't need a program to crop pages: I have Photoshop for that. What I was looking for was an PDF editor that would allow me to use the raw 17x11 scans, like in the first file and easily compile each side of them into numerical order. As you know, the pages saddle-stitched magazines are laid out to be from opposite end of the magazine. Normally, your process would be to take a straight edge/scissors to them and scan them one by one, just as my direct route would be to into each 17x11 file and break it down to two pages. What I'm seeking is a program/function that takes out that manual cropping and splits it off to its own distant number. Like, if one half is page 86 and the other is 115 I can split it and name it as such on the spot, without having to make another file.
  4. Ready to scan! Let's talk formats and Internet Archive?

    Oh, I only did that to keep ads together. Like I said earlier, I have a feeding tray and can do double-sided scans so keeping things in numerical order isn't that much of a hassle, though it does depend on which side gets scanned first.
  5. Ready to scan! Let's talk formats and Internet Archive?

    Certainly! So here's a raw TIFF from my current project, unedited with Photoshop (It's a big file. FileFactory wouldn't even allow a Preview! Or maybe it's because of the file type.) Here's a lesser resolution, JPG Nintendo Power scan from the same scanner. It's two ads for the sake of easier archiving (I often need certain content quickly for my blog) And here's just scan from my last scanner, which I didn't brighten for some reason.
  6. Ready to scan! Let's talk formats and Internet Archive?

    Here's what I have, but it's not wireless:
  7. Ready to scan! Let's talk formats and Internet Archive?

    Hmm. Looks like I may have an A3 after all. I just don't need it for this project. (there's a slider and the most it stops at is B4. A3 seems to be manila envelope size. Didn't pay car price for it though. May have been over $200 at Staples.
  8. Ready to scan! Let's talk formats and Internet Archive?

    I actually have a auto-feed scanner, can't say if it's an A3 though. I know the bed is long enough to hold a folded out mag though.
  9. So I'm finally set up to start scanning for the site. I'm starting with 300dpi and TIFF formats, after some quick lurking taught me that's what is preferred. But now I've hit a block: figuring out the Internet Archive's system, finding a good (freeware?) PDF editor, also finding a streamlined way of dealing with 17x11 printer spreads. Internet Archive I'm planning of sending my spreads to both here and the archive, but I'm lost on the submission process. If I want the scans viewed in magazine form on the page viewer itself, do I need to upload each page individually? And do I need to provide the multiple formats myself? Freeware PDF I have Photoshop CS6 on my laptop, and I see it has a ability to export as .pdf, but can I build a multi-page document with it? This leads into my next question. Printer Spreads My first scan is a Japanese Saturn magazine, which uses the saddle-stitched 17x11 format. My mom is a printer, so she recognizes these as "printer spreads" and she says she may be able to use a program called PitStop to split up the 17x11 scans into regular pages without manually cropping each one. However, I don't want her to take up her work time and the program itself is expensive. So, knowing the plenty of old magazines were printed this way, are there any tips/processes that you guys would suggest to streamline the process?
  10. Any good techniques/hardware for scanning?

    Le sigh~ That sucks. Stupid damn Yankee prices... freaking shipping charges... Oh well, guess It's just going to be GamePro and EGM from me! And Nintendo Power if we've been able to sort that whole mess out.
  11. Any good techniques/hardware for scanning?

    Ha! Not around here. If I'm not mistaken, you live in Japan, so I don't get to pay $1-2 for Famitsu! That said, based on what you told me and disregarding shipping prices, I've been getting scalped by most of these sellers! I'll be more careful in the future, or just leave the Japanese issues to locals; starting to sound like it's not worth the obscure mahjong game ads. As for my American mags, like GamePro and EGM, they're mostly disposable due to age and the way we used to store our back issues growing up (see: flat, stacked up in a cardboard box) and the pages are easily falling out anyway.
  12. Any good techniques/hardware for scanning?

    I am very familiar with heat guns and I plan to make them my go to as well. I too also like to make seamless scans of spreads with no gutter cutoff when I can. However, I'm not up for disposing of magazines when I'm done unless they're in really bad condition afterwards; I've been been dropping mad cash on back issues of Famitsu and it would be painful if I wasn't able to put them back together. I didn't think they even sold those anymore! I think I'll stick with my sour apple Rockstars. Oh, and full disclosure. I've been using RM scans for my blog for over 3-4 years now, with proper scanner credits whenever I can.Thought it was time to repay the favor.
  13. Howdy, folks. I've been accumulating a large amount of magazines, kept from my childhood and bought/preserved for blogging, and I'm looking to add to the database, as well as The Internet Archive. I skimmed the Scanning Guides but didn't see much in the way of efficiency, outside of individually scanning each page with a typical office scanner. What are the better solutions for getting started?
  14. Expert Gamer Issue 78 (December 2000)

    This file isn't loading...
  15. Nintendo Power Scans are Complete

    The old NP scans are still up on EmuParadise... I hope that site isn't considered taboo around here.