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  1. I love how you can consistently cry about these "freeloaders". What is it that you're expecting? A site for, by and only populated with those who scan? I just don't understand how you can run a site that *DISTRIBUTES MATERIALS THAT WERE SCANNED WITH THE SINGLE IDEA OF SHARING THEM* and then complain about it when people come to download them. I mean, how many times do we get to scroll past yet another half page "You people suck and I hate doing this..but I'm going to keep doing it" post(all the while Kitsunebi is the only one bored enough to respond)? Sheesh.
  2. Man, I can't help but feel this is a well-deserved slap across the face to Kiwi, lol. Old Game Mags - Sorry, no downloads. RetroMags - Say goodbye to download restrictions, our Download Manager now has zero restrictions....even for guest visitors!!!!! Too funny!
  3. God, yet another set of quality scans denied here. I am *glad* places like Retro CDN and Archive exist. Scarred Sun, don't let the crying here discourage you in any way, shape or form; not all of us required 500MB+, {insert ridiculous resolution here} scans to be happy with the quality. I have downloaded a huge amount from both Retro and Sega CDN and have been utterly grateful for both.
  4. So, is this another one that just disappeared?
  5. Man, it looks great! If they don't feel it's up to their standards, definitely upload this to If you need any help, just let me know!
  6. Well, that's an admirable goal, but when it comes to magazines that *no one else* has, I'd be happy with whatever quality he has them in. I mean, look at the Gamefan explosion a while back: Not exactly the best scans, but everyone I talk to is just so grateful to have anything. I just think it's kind of rough to tell someone who actively wants to contribute, "Hey, go upload them somewhere else and if we feel they're good enough, then we'll allow you the privilege of re-uploading everything to our site". This guy has taken the time to scan and edit everything, he just wants to contribute. Maybe really would be a better outlet.
  7. ...or, just upload them to and skip all this. Jeez, guys, it's almost like you *don't* want new mags.
  8. Thrilled to death to see all of it! Let us know when it's up and thanks for sharing!
  9. Over at, you can actually just upload everything in one huge file and they'll host it all in various formats(torrent, zip, rar, etc). That "Sketch the Cow" guy did it a while back with a bunch of mags he had uploaded. He uploaded them all individually, but then also did one huge 23gb upload that included all of them at once. I'm not sure what their size limit would be, but even if you had to break it up into chunks, it'd definitely be easier than doing it one by one. I notice a lot of people asking the question of size limit, and though various answers are given, if you tell them what you're trying to upload and its size, it seems like they'll give you an email address to contact them directly so they can help you do it.
  10. A buddy of mine has them all, and removed from the GP issues. If you find your issue does not have the insert, let me know and I'll see if I can get him to scan it. I think he's been planning on scanning the entire Flying Warriors comic as its own CBR for a while now(he's a huge fan of the game, and that "Flying Dragon" before it); maybe this will push him to do it.
  11. you haven't paid for it, are you now saying you're in the only other category out there, that being "people who are in love with WinRAR"? Lol At any rate, it really is a non-issue. Like you said, if you install it for the first time all you have to do is check "RAR4"(it's in the version notes); if you are upgrading, it's already on RAR4. I don't mind 7zip, I used to use StuffIt(back on the Mac), but WinRAR won me over with their Aladdin icon pack.. The "Wizard" icon cracks me up!
  12. Wow, these are pretty good, I had no idea anything like this even existed! I'll try to take a look around and see if I can come up with more issues!
  13. Yeah, unless you re-upload it, it just stays that way. I have an issue of Gamefan that I screwed up on initially, so the "identifier" is different than the file itself(no big deal, the title and everything else is correct, though). Thanks for the share, downloading now!
  14. Post a link when you finish, I'd be interested in seeing some of those!