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  1. Hey all. Not sure if this is the best place to list this or if I should start a separate thread? But here are the magazines I’m working on. I have no real ETAs, since I’m focused mostly on going through my entire collection before submitting for edits (I don’t think I have the toolset/skills for editing). I jumped the gun on some of these by sending the entire magazines through my ADF scanner without checking for scanlines, so I’ll need to redo some of the magazines I’ve completed already. Most of the older things listed here vary in condition, and several (uh, well, many) are missing pages. But I figure having something is better than nothing, and I don’t mind if they end up not being suitable for the site. As a side note, I’m interested in trying to find ways to automate detecting scan defects (looking through individual pages is a huge time suck), so check out my thread in Help if you’re interested/already have some knowledge! U.S. PSM Varying degrees of quality, some missing pages Issue 47 (July 2001) Issue 50 (October 2001) Issue 52 (December 2001) Issue 54 (January 2002) Issue 56 (March 2002) Issue 58 (May 2002) Issue 59 (June 2002) Issue 60 (July 2002) Issue 61 (August 2002) Issue 63 (October 2002) Issue 64 (November 2002) Issue 65 (October 2002) Issue 66 (December 2002) Issue 67 (January 2003) Issue 68 (February 2003) Issue 69 (March 2003) Issue 70 (April 2003) Issue 71 (May 2003) Issue 72 (June 2003) Issue 73 (July 2003) Issue 74 (August 2003) Issue 75 (September 2003) Issue 76 (October 2003) Issue 77 (November 2003) Issue 78 (December 2003) Issue 79 (January 2004) Issue 80 (February 2004) Issue 81 (March 2004) Issue 82 (April 2004) Issue 83 (May 2004) Issue 84 (June 2004) Issue 85 (July 2004) Issue 86 (August 2004) Issue 87 (September 2004) Issue 88 (October 2004) Issue 89 (November 2004) Tips and Tricks 72 February 2001, Quality: Poor, missing pages EGM 148 November 2001 (Missing the final pages/backcover?) Expert Gamer 83 May 2001, Condition: Poor Nintendo Power 186 January 2004 187 February 2004 188 March 2004 189 April 2004 190 May 2004 191 June 2004 192 July 2004 PC Magazine Issue 91 December 2001 GamePro 190 July 2004 200 May 2005 243 December 2008 244 January 2009 245 February 2009 246 March 2009 247 April 2009 248 May 2009 249 June 2009 250 July 2009 251 August 2009 252 September 2009
  2. Hey all, So over the past month I've really upped my scanning game (bought an IX1500 on MigJmz's suggestion and also after lurking the forums better). I'll be posting a thread listing my scans over in the Magazines section soon (lotsa of U.S. PSM!) I've been trying to be careful about scanlines, bent corners, and other imperfections. But it is time consuming to check each page. I'm up for the effort, but it got me thinking: has anyone tried using any object detection programs to detect defects in scanned images? I'm going to be dabbling in training a Tensorflow classifier (link to video example) for these things. I think that could really help scanners quickly note which pages they need to set aside for re-scan. So two asks: - If you have tried this, or know anyone who has, please send advice or point me to those resources so I can contribute! (I very well could have missed the thread on this because I'm bad at searching) - If this hasn't been tried before, please send me all your scanned images with imperfections! Training classifiers requires a lot of images, and finding images of imperfections online hasn't been very fruitful—especially scanlines/vertical streaks. And if you have the time, create a copy of the image cropped down just to the imperfection and send along both. Otherwise I'll be doing a lot of cropping. I'm not sure how successful this will be, especially since I've never tried anything with Tensorflow before. But I think this could be a fun project that may also help the community. Let me know if you have ideas, thoughts, questions, or images to send over!
  3. Ah that makes sense. I had been debinding and scanning pages one at a time in my flatbed, so I was curious if using a phone would just speed up the process. I was concerned about the quality though, so I won't go down that route. I was wary of ADF scanners due to my all-in-one scanner gobbling up some pages. Which, it is an all-in-one, so it's not the best. And I wasn't sure how the team here felt about ADFs from reading the Scanning a Magazine tutorial, but it seems like the most active contributors here use them. Are there any lists/posts for ADF scanners that contributors have used? I couldn't find any in the forum search. I know they can get pretty pricey, but I'm willing to spend a bit for quicker, high quality scans.
  4. Hey all. Really like the preservation work this site is doing. I've followed some of the listed tutorials to scan my own magazines, but I'm curious if anyone has tried using their phone camera as opposed to a flatbed scanner? I have a Pixel 3a and a tripod, so I think it could make preserving my magazines wayyyy faster than individually turning each page in a scanner, but I'm sure there are issues I'm not thinking of. Has anyone tried this? How were the results?
  5. Hello foxhound4lyf, Welcome to the Retromags Community!