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  1. There was one Episode of Friends where Chandler was playing Crash Team Racing. Episode where joey thinks he can pass for a 19 year old.
  2. If variety is the spice of life for you then it won't matter. What about demos? They are free, but people still end up buying those games, and some they don't as it goes both ways, Regardless of a demo, beta, mini game if it's something that interest you you'll get it. Speaking of mini games, Geometry Wars was a mini game on Project Gotham Racing 2 on Xbox and eventually got re-released on Xbox 360 marketplace and became a huge hit. And it lead to many sequels.
  3. So much fun with Power Stone, and Ready to Rumble Boxing, I enjoyed house of the Dead 2 as well, years later got the HOTD III on Xbox and it came with 2, which was unlockable and that was nice.
  4. For this thread and in this case it's franchises that will find a way into people's hands that have been gone for too long, at launch great time to pick it up as it reinvents itself and it almost feels like a new IP, but a game hasn't had a sequel in a long time. Crazy Taxi and one of my favorite games Panzer Dragoon Orta, new titles in those series would have been great at launch or within the first year of PS4 or Xbox 1's lifecycle. GTA, COD, Halo, can release anytime as they have a fanbase that is true, but titles that have close to 10 years between them hard to sell people on those sequels when the ecosystem of a new console is already established. And you obviously want new Ip's as they will make their mark and build on it. Mention Syphon Filter to someone under 20? Will they know it. Same thing with Cool Boarders titles that have almost gone the way of the dodo. But when the series has been gone for too long, it's not really cashing in if it's a sequel, movies not really counting as Star Wars makes money be it good,bad or ugly. Bottom line you want new, but at the same time looking back into into the vault and seeing what you can bring out when it's been gone for a long time be it 10 plus years or several.
  5. To tell you the truth i don't trust many if any developers to make a proper sequel to another/their series of games that's been absent for a long time. They just don't care anymore and if there are any that care they get shut down by their publisher and make what they are told. I loved Acclaim and Midway, is everything that they did gold? No but they weren't afraid to make and publish titles. MLB Slugfest was awesome, as was NFL Blitz, Turok was great at one point. Turok in the right hands could be awesome and impressive, but more than likely just another name on a long list of games that a another game needs to be made. At one point we got great games and really great sequels, but now the older titles are being more and more a distant memory. One series that i know that makes people from all genres play it was Tony Hawk's Pro Skater Series 1-4, didn't matter if you loved MMO's or RPG's, Shooters or whatever you could pick up a THPS and like it and have fun. And there were many titles between then and now some good other garbage and then the sequel came out THPS 5, and that went out faster than it hit the shelves. I wanted a new THPS for the PS3/Xbox 360 generation and when it came out, i refused to even finish it. That bad, how do you mess up a simple skateboarding game? Many games so far have had a perfect time to be released, but Sony didn't take the plunge and neither did Microsoft. At launch PS4 could have had a new Syphon Filter, instead they gave people Killzone, Or Tourist Trophy at launch, Or Legend Of Dragoon, a great RPG to add to the launch as great new ecosystem, Cool Boarders a fun snowboarding game for the holidays. These and many more titles should have been seen by now to add and have Sony have something different than the usual, COD, Battlefield, Need For Speed and so on. You make something a launch title people are more likely to pick it up now when there is a limited selection to give it a try rather than now when the system has many games to chooses from.
  6. Another one that i myself at first i thought it was a nice idea and something interesting and then it got out of hand. The Rockband/Guitar Hero Series. Seeing people, forming their own bands was something else, and a video game band at that. Did like the first game but after that, it just went downhill. I guess it's more of the popularity and just seeing people dishing out money for song packs, buying the equipment and taking the games so seriously that drove me to be disappointed by it and not to care for the series, the fun got taken out of it that i just don't care.
  7. Basically list a game you were disappointed with, but it is very highly rated and loved. For me, even to this day i don't get people's love with The Last Of Us. When it came out it was being touted as a amazing achievement, And it still is, considered to be one of the best games ever and so on, but for me it was anything but. The level design was ok, story was decent, but game-play and the characters as far as i go were not that great. As i was playing it, i kept waiting for that touching moment, something that grabs me and shows me why the game was great and what everyone was raving about, and before you know it it never came and the credits rolled. A really good PS3 exclusive. but i wouldn't say anything special other than that, Did i miss something with it? To me it's just one title that i myself never could get my head around as to it being really special. The game does have many accolades and fans but i'm one of the few who didn't think it was that great or special.
  8. Little surprised some of these didn't get a mention. Prince Of Persia, does it get any better than that. The Gabriel Knight series was fantastic, MYST, haven't played it in years but it does bring back great memories. As a sport game junkie i have to give a shout to Sensible Soccer, way ahead of it's time, so much fun the series in general was amazing. Then again there are so many titles to keep adding, Ultima, Civilization SimCity, Doom, Wolfenstein, Command and Conquer, Warcraft and so on, So many titles.
  9. Kain

    What hockey team?

    I haven't laughed this hard in years. Here in Canada all over TSN and Sportsnet that is all they talk about, how great Mcdavid and Matthews are. To even Put them in the same sentence as Gretzky or Orr is just beyond insane. And the worst part is these are older folks who've watched thousands of games, and seen thousands of players and they are praising folks who've done nothing. In the last 20 years more and more people have been praising players for doing nothing early on in their careers. In today's NHL if you get over 100 points consider yourself lucky. I don't see another player having 150+ point season or a 70+ goal campaign for a long time. And getting the 50 in 50 good luck. I want to see hardware and long playoff pushes, not potential, attributes and hype. Just my train of thought.
  10. It's more to do with the perception and the era that we are in. At one point you would say you got a PC and that would be a good conversation starter, as PC's at one point were expensive and lots of games were advertised for it. I used to see more gaming ads running on windows than actual work related programs. I don't want to use this word but it's almost a FAD to some extent. Not saying that computers are a fad, but gaming on pc's now seems to have that close approach to it. Once everyone almost has one it doesn't have the same feeling again. When your parents would take you to the movies, that was a special occasion. You loved and looked forward to it when they would tell you that you are going on a certain day or whatever. But when you grow up and can go to the movies on your own as a teenager or a adult, it doesn't have that special feeling again it once did as you can afford it. At the drop of a dime you can go whenever and see whatever. Same here, it was a luxury to play pc games and wait for a new game to come out as you had friends who were like you, but over time we get older and move on. And over time people grow and get used to other things, everyone is it's own crowd. You got xbox crowds, PS crowds and Nintendo Crowds, everyone went their own way. You factor in smartphones which do more than pc's 15 years ago, and a new generation of people doing things differently than you and i did a long time ago and you come to the conclusion that nobody plays PC games, board games, pick up basketball games and so on.
  11. I know that sports titles don't get a lot of love as do some other titles as not everything is everyone's cup of tea. So i'm throwing some titles that i enjoyed a lot. THPS 2, Cool Boarders 3, WWF SmackDown 2. Ready To Rumble Boxing, Battle Arena Toshinden, Ape Escape, Army Men. among many others just had a blast, top to bottom. I know it's a top 10 list so i just threw some games less likely to be on the list but some deserve the mention, if not great but fun.
  12. Kain

    Spirited Away

    I love that movie, I remember renting that one day just to see how good it is, was just browsing for something different and ended up being one of the few times i picked something for the hell of it and ended up being great.
  13. Xbox also had a good launch, to this day i love Project Gotham Racing and Amped, Amped 2 hands down my favorite snowboarding game. In time the Xbox like gamecube had really solid titles. 2001 was a great gaming year when you look back on it. Lots of great titles and a great variety.
  14. At the end of the day the PS2 had so many things going for it at that point in time that are unmatched in today's day in age. Compatible with the PS1 games, the accessories, and the killer library of games in the first year or so on the market. Not to mention PS1 games were still being made. All those things made the PS2 a system to have. You got Silent Hill 2,Gran Turismo 3, MGS 2, GTA III, Final Fantasy X, Max Payne, Rayman 2, ICO, Devil May Cry, Jak And Daxter, THPS 3 that variety in the first year or so is hard to come by on a single console. I remember still seeing FFVII and original MGS and other PS1 classics in store for sale for around 20 bucks in 2000-2001. If you skipped some of those you could enjoy them on the PS2. PS2 had everything going for it. Right console, right price and right time.
  15. Max Payne was decent, Mark Wahlberg was nicely cast as Max. Like many of them could have been better.
  16. Does anyone remember the Joe Camel Ads? I always loved them and thought they were very well done. I'm not a smoker myself but i like and love a great ad. And they were really great. ,
  17. I enjoyed the Spawn comics. I didn't read every issue but from 40 or so issues i got my hands on i liked it. They were really well done. Also the Animated series is one of my favorite shows as well. And i enjoyed the movie as well. I also liked the Tomb Raider comics.
  18. Most of the Movie tie in games and celebrity games are trash. Granted that's been the case for a long time. There are only a few games based on films/Tv and celebrity endorsed that are any good.
  19. About a year ago bought a Xbox 360, one of the first models with the HDMI option. Bought it basically to play Gears Of War Judgment. The only gears title i didn't play up to that point. Old xbox 360 stopped working a long time ago, so got it for 40 bucks. Nice deal and the game was good. Worth it.
  20. Something tells me that's the way it's going to stay as far as PS Vita titles are concerned. The PSP was good, it had some steam but i can't count more then 10 really great games on it. At best 15 as far as i'm concerned maybe even less.. As a big MGS fan i only bought the PSP for MGS Portable Ops, and i had to wait a few years after to play Peace Walker, so for me two main games to use the psp. I've played others but those two were the main reason for me to get a PSP back in the day. and the MGS games were great. Had the PSP came out at around 2002 and competed with the GBA and vita around 2008, it might have been better as far as sales and things like that go but at the end of the day they both needed the software, and that is the killer of sony handhelds. Another killer was the UMD format for the PSP. That thing was a joke from my point of view. Sure there are nice titles but not system sellers like pokemon for Nintendo.
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