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  1. I've considered myself a retired gamer for at least 10 years. Video games used to be my life but since about 2005 the only gaming I really do is to occassionally replay my old favorites. Don't really have any interest in new games or even old games I haven't played before. The only once-in-a-blue-moon exception is when a remake of one of my old favorites appears, or an old franchise I followed is revived. That sometimes gets my interest for a short time.

    I do enjoy reading about old games though, particularly how they developed and evolved, and I also collect classic video game artwork and soundtracks.

  2. I haven't worked on it the last week and a half as my wife and son were off for the fall break. He is back in school so I should make progress shortly. I can post raw data for you on drop box or something before I edit if you need to look at it right away.

    Let me know what your requirements are for and I can upload some quickly resized scans of lower quality.

    Well it'll be a couple of weeks till I need it anyway so no huge rush.

    I'm researching video game release dates trying to improve the information available online, which is often wildly inaccurate or missing. I'm mainly skimming the reviews and previews sections for any mentions of a release date.

    I also have a little side project of gathering together print mentions of Mortal Kombat rumors/myths from back in the day. Again, a lot of the info online on MK rumors/myths isn't quite accurate (for example Nimbus Terrafaux did NOT originate as an April Fool's gag as everywhere online says) or are missing much of the original depth and detail. And many lesser known myths/rumors from back in the day aren't even listed anywhere online.

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  3. I use a heatgun occassionally for modelmaking. One thing I would say, is try your absolute best to get into the habit of NEVER touching the metal end where the heat comes out with your hands and NEVER setting it down on anything that even has a chance of setting alight or burning. Never ever. Not even when it's cold.

    Reason being, I didn't do this and was only careful when it was actually on or being used in that moment. So I got used to picking it up any old how when it was cold and setting it anywhere when it was cold. Then one day I used it, carefully as I always did, turned it off, and set it down on the floor - which was all safe and fine. But then after maybe a couple of minutes I absent-mindedly moved it to the sofa cos it was in the way. Luckily I quickly remembered it was still really hot and grabbed it before it set the sofa on fire. But unluckily I grabbed it by the hot metal end and burned my fingers pretty bad. It's so easy to forget those things take a LONG time to cool down. Hence why now I make a habit of never touching the metal end or setting it down anywhere unsafe even when it's cold. It's just better to ALWAYS do the safe methods, then you're less likely to forget yourself when distracted.

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  4. Thanks Sean697, yeh I tried my best to remove the entire pages from the mag to scan them (without debinding the whole thing), nearly got them out clean but then had a couple of small tears at the last second. Typical! Still at least they were just on the background image bits and didn't affect the article text or pics. Have used retro mags a lot for a couple of research projects so glad I could give something small back.

    Don't forget someone needs to update the database entry also as it still says "Missing pages 113 through 116" on the page - https://www.retromags.com/magazines/category/usa/electronic-gaming-monthly/electronic-gaming-monthly-issue-56#.WAVdQShdWIM

  5. Electronic Gaming Monthly 56:

    • Missing pages 113,114,115,116. (Scan already contains placeholder pages indicating pages are missing.)

    Finally got around to scanning the missing pages (600dpi, TIFF):


    I no longer have the physical magazine, I can't host this pack indefinetely and once it's gone I will not be reuploading, so please can someone download it and add the pages into to the RetroMags EGM56 scan as soon as possible? Thanks

  6. I can think of titles I'd most like to see, but not really specific issues

    -Nintendo Magazine System (UK)

    -Official Sega Magazine (UK)

    -Sega Pro (UK) - this one mainly because it had a long-running, fairly comprehensive section dedicated to upcoming Sega release dates.

    Is there a way to vote for titles instead of specific issues?

  7. Yeh luckily I grabbed the OGM ones yesterday, as they've now added password protection today

    Take this as an example of my suspicions that a complete set may be about - if you look here at this old discussion of digital retro gaming magazines:


    A user named "Mr. Pickle" stated in 2013 that he has a complete scanned set of Nintendo Magazine System. Can anyone help me find this set?

  8. I'm working on a research project and am rather urgently trying to find digital issues of Nintendo Magazine System (UK). Ideally need the entire run (upto #53 when the name changed).

    From searching around online I've seen several old discussions on various forums which seem to suggest a complete or near-complete set of this magazine may be floating around in internet-land. Can anyone confirm this?

    Obviously retromags doesn't have these available currently, but I was wondering if any gaming mag collectors here could point me in the direction of somewhere else online that might have a decent bulk of issues? All I can find is issues 1-12 on outofprintarchive.com and a few more random issues on oldgamemags.com, but I get the impression there may be invitation-only type places where more comprehensive coverage could be found. Would really appreciate assistance, thanks guys.

  9. I have these issues of EGM in varying condition:

    46, 48, 52, 56, 63, 64, 67, 77

    Anyone want any/all to scan for retromags? I'm willing to donate them for free as long as someone pays the shipping. Will ship anywhere but bear in mind I'm in the UK so international will cost more.

    I'm pretty keen to get rid of them so I'll give it 1 month from the date of this post then any remaining will go in the trash

  10. Thanks. Also you guys seem to be missing the UK magazine "Planet Playstation" from your database. It seems fairly obscure as there aren't any on eBay UK current or completed, but I remember buying this magazine back in the day so it definetely existed. I seem to recall it included a lot of posters. Here's a few images I found on google image search:





    I can't provide much other info on these mags but hopefully someone else will be able to help with dates and issue numbers etc.

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