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  1. What was the first gaming mag you purchased?

    Yes I'm a relic. My mom bought this for me one day when we were at K-Mart in the 80's
  2. Journey to Silius

    Amazing game despite the loss of the Terminator license. Hard game too.
  3. Battletoads

    The tunnel stage on the hover bikes was brutal... that is all
  4. Last system I bought was a used PS3 altho I did receive a PS4 as a gift this last X-Mas
  5. Earliest Gaming Memory

    For me it was being led away from the house to the corner store by my Mom so my Dad could secretly hook up the Atari 2600 they got their friends in Florida to mail up to us before it was available in Canada. Got back home from the store and my brother and I were blown away. They also picked up Pac man to go along with Combat. That was a Friday evening, needless to say I had an amazing weekend.
  6. What games deserve a sequel?

    I'd love to see another Metroid game (not first person) and a new installment of Ecco the Dolphin would be pretty sweet.
  7. Jim Power for the SNES, insanely difficult. Took me forever to get even past the first level. Brutal
  8. Awesome Underated NES RPGs

    Hahah Flying Warriors was awesome, if a bit too advanced for its good with it's fighting system. Flying Dragon, the prequel to it was also pretty decent.
  9. Your first game for each system

    Atari 2600 - My parents bought it for me from Florida when it still wasn't available in Canada. Aside from the Combat pack-in they also bought me Pac-Man (sooo bad, but loved it at the time) Colecovision - Parents won it at a raffle, came with Donkey Kong, I quickly begged them to buy me Zaxxon separately. Commodore 64 - First game was a budget Mastertronic game called 'Hero of the Golden Talisman'. I distinctly remember picking out from behind a glass case at Zellers PC - Commander Keen, shareware edition NES - Was late to the NES because I believe consoles were stupid after the first console crash. Finally caved when Super Mario Bros 2 came out. Bought it with the system. Gameboy (B&W) - Got one for X-mas. Parents got me Super Mario Land to go with the Tetris pack-in. Genesis - Sold every NES game I owned to come up with the cash to buy the Genesis and one extra game when it came out. Extra game was Space Harrier 2 SNES - Couldn't wait for the North American release so I sold all my Genesis games / system to come up with the cash to import a Super Famicom with some games (no pack-in). Cost me (as a 15 / 16 year old a fortune at the time) I bought Super Mario World, Gradius 3 and Big Run PSX - Bought the system, Ridge Racer, and Battle Arena Toshinden the same evening. N64 - I dont remember if Super MArio 64 came with the system or not but I had that and Pilotwings 64 Dreamcast - Just bought the system and Soul Calibur PS2 - Imported Japanese version with Ridge Racer 5 and Street Fighter EX 3 Gameboy Advance - Imported Japanese version with Castlevania Circle of the Moon & Super Mario Advance Gamecube - Preordered from Best Buy with Wave Race Blue Storm and Rogue Squadron 2 Xbox - Unit + Halo PSP - Bought at launch with Ridge Racer and Darkstalkers Xbox 360 - Bought at launch with Perfect Dark Zero PS3 - Didn't buy until much later, from the classifieds with Uncharted WII - Got one for Xmas the year it launched with Excite Truck and Super Monkey Ball Banana Blitz
  10. Awesome Underated NES RPGs

    I would say Crystalis (which I don't think is as unknown as it used to be), it's a top down action RPG similar to Zelda. I would also recommend Tombs & Treasure, a first person dungeon crawler style game.
  11. Games you are currently playing or recently beaten

    I will have to check it out, thanks for the advice guys!
  12. Games you are currently playing or recently beaten

    How is Rayman Legends? I have it but I not gotten around to playing it. Was a fan of the original 2-D release but wasn't crazy about the full 3-D titles.
  13. Ugh Fist of the North Star was such a terrible game, and yeah very cheap and difficult.
  14. The Nostalgia Thread (aka...I remember that!)

    Keeping with the Canadian theme as I'm one myself:
  15. What's your favorite Atari 2600 game?

    Ah yeah Yars Revenge was sweet. Beserk was pretty awesome too. I really loved the 'sequel' Frenzy on the Colecovision, much improved version.