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  1. You make some great points but your forgetting two things one magazines where for the most part published monthly,by that time anything that magazine had which was mostly filled with ads by the time it came out was irrelevant people all ready knew that and then some. By the time it hit your mailbox the internet with its fast information practically gave you the equivalent of two to three mags not to mention metascores and such multiple reviews and varied opinions compared to a handful of staff editors. Second when it comes to design ppl don't care what something looks like if they can get it for free. You see it all the time ppl would rather get free low quality audio cd rips,game console clones and pirated anything to save a few bucks. And with the Internet that's exactly what they got he'll arcade gaming even with its social aspect died of because ppl would rather play subpar or below as long as it's cheaper than the alternative(yet they pony up for dlc,amiibos and such lol humans right). That's not even mentioning the fact that like game mags fan mail the Internet provides places like here,forumns,game chat rooms and fan pages where you can get a multitude of ppl exchanging ideas and thoughts on the fly.
  2. You make a good point and that is indeed a very hard question to answer. Really gaming trends are regulated by the free market and the free market is controlled by the people who in turn are unpredictable. I mean I love handhelds myself but while I can't answer your question completely I think people play mobile gaming for various reason one being the commodity that comes with mobile gaming you can play,watch movies,research stuff,listen to music, and to an extent customise your gaming experience. Secondly developers pay top money in the field of psychology,I mean one look at modern gaming clearly shows they've done their research. Gaming in its latest from including mobile gaming is basically one giant casino palace with their slots,jacks and such aimed at suckling your wallet dry. And like a gambling addiction/gaming developers know what makes ppl tick=spend money on digital goods with gaming that's overtly cheap at times and such, but hey it was de$igned that way. You can pretty much say this era is the era of gambling which ironically they government is against,if not regulated, and where people who say gambling addiction is bad yet are allured to the fast pace,high rewards for high risk that mobile gaming brings. I wouldn't be surprised if a brain scan showed a correlation between a casino gambler and a modern mobile game player. Funny arcade gaming they said died because people didn't want to pony up money when they could almost get the same experience at home for free yet that logic is totally twisted with mobile gaming that I believe are more rigged at suckling your money than some of those old arcade cabinets could ever dream of.
  3. Yeah I totally get that but it seems like the reviewers where to scared to overtly offend any publisher to the point ya had to read between the lines. GamePro style was more humorous,blunt and had witty sarcastic reviews and titles that parody the games title or theme. Heck one thing I love is fan mail and game pros staff were good at dishing it out with remarks. That by no means makes nintendo bad not at all for a magazine geared towards younger audience it was good and heck some adults like the more "wholesome" style of professionalism and style that the magazine brought after all all opinions to a point are subjective. For me even though I grew up in the 80s I like more modern style of reviewers who are more edgy in their trashing or fun to watch like modern classic game room and avgn up to a point(overboard on his swearing) but to each their own.
  4. I've read nintendo power and I wholeheartedly agree they seem pretty boring to me. Their covers were either hit or miss,they're reviews seemed way to passive aggresive heck it seems you'd have to read between the lines to get the jiff of things it almost seems like they were scared of losing exclusive content from game companies. I did like their prizes and added gimmicks like iron on donkey kong shirt stickers though. I didn't read egm so can't judge them but I did like game pros later issues they were fun to read and the covers weren't to shabby,the prizes were cool and the staff humor were awesome especially their history changing April fools day articles like mk issue. UK retromag is good readings and another mag that to me is underrated are game informers they're not to shabby.
  5. Talk about an ego I mean ok he's a title holder but when you logistically think about it its not impressive it's just a record for a guy playing video games....ok ya got a high score glad for ya but we'll time to move along. I'm not impressed but stuff lime that sure it's cool and all but it has no real value in the grand scheme of darwinian evolution. Heck I'm more impressed with actual achievements (if ya will) like sports,dancing,science,historical and such ya know skills that are actually useful/impressive. To me it's just a guy with an over inflated ego because he won something that only impresses a small group a cult if ya will and this is coming form a guy who likes the "nerd" culture.
  6. I'd say go for music that's atmospheric or has a child like vibe like: Snes:yoshi island level 1 Nes:Nemo the dream master level 1,rose garden and ending music. N64:mario 64 dock level. Kingdom hearts:dearly beloved jukebox version Zelda wind waker: title screen, open sea and Dragon roost island. Zelda Ocarina of time/major as mask: forest temple, eponas ranch music, name screen music,asteral observatory. Zelda twilight princess:city in the sky and the ice castle theme (forgot name where fight the abominable snowman looking things wife. Megaman 7: iceman,cloudman,spring man . Megaman 8:tengu man Megaman 6:flame men heck pretty much all of them have music that is atmospheric. Megaman 3:magnet man. Famicom mother:intro Megaman 9:sea woman Almost any track for smb. 3 Donkey kong COUNTRY 1 ,2 ,3:ice cave chant ,sticker brush symphony,under water levels. Tmnt nes: underwater level Megaman x1:ending theme,password theme,end conclusion theme. Megaman x3:blizzard buffalo,gravity beetle and end theme. Megaman x4:both parts of ice level. Mario kart 7:rainbow road. Sonic drift 2:milky galaxy(if you don't find loops annoying.) ZELDA 2 NES :Intro theme and palace. Metriod nes or zero mission: brainstar. Klonoa name enter music and lvl one. Destination earth star theme Kid icurus: lvl one and intro nes Zelda intro and end credit music(famicom version) Lastly Nes ducktales:amazon,ice level and moon level theme.
  7. In my opinion the gaming scene has now evolved into the era of gambling with their shady casino type ordeals and tactics. Heck I thought society they said gambling was wrong but disguise casino games with with amiibos,dlc, and and add pokemon to shuffle and well you have the recipe to make a addict/gambler. What's even more funny and ironic is that people said the arcade scene died when home consoles offered free play compared to the arcades money guzzling games. And now we have that very same arcade feel today with the money guzzling and buying a game twice 1. On store and 2. At home (dlc/amiibos) just to complete the game.
  8. They do have wireless controller's for pc ya know, heck you can even stream your gaming on a gaint 4ktv or 3dtv because why not. When talking about pc you have to remember pc has options tons of it for any problems you think you have look around and there's probably a solution at YOUR disposal unlike the constraints of consoles. Don't get me wrong I love the look of consoles especially especially Sega even though they were mostly meh one thing they did have going for them is console naming and designs boy did they look slick. But the thing is you can mod your pc to lokk like anything even even a glow in the dark me trio samus ball, all ya need is imagination,resource and a little bit of a technical know. Heck consoles now look like bland pcs really not much glam nor imagination like say a old retro Saturn or gamecube. He'll the gamecube in design to me anyways looks cooler than the wii.
  9. I'm as old school as you'd get and believe me all the reasons to own physical copies are reasonably valid more so then than now. But nowadays my thinking,perception and overall opinion on the matter has evolved into preferring digital if done right why? Reason why I switched to digital done right (stored on SD cards haddrive) PROS:if stored on SD cards etc it is basically a physical copy that's yours with the added bonus of more storage space. Cons:doesn't come with game Manuels nor disk case with art cover. Pros: digital comes with digital game manual that can be zoomed in to see more details in art/description you wouldn't be able to see plus the cd case designs are ugly and a moot point unlike say arguing the old days when retro games where package in cool box art with game protecting overalls. Pro:digital copies last longer,don't have to worry about scratches and last longer than physical copies. Those cd games won't last forever and ya would have to rom it digitally in the end anyways. Cons:Even SD or hardrive storage isn't completely reliable as you'd need to make backups in case of currption and with developers preventing at least one back up copy it makes the argument against cds just a little flawed. Lastly with emulator anyways you have a lot of stored games to play at your disposal without having to constantly turn of console to switch. They come with virtual manuals,cheat codes built in and with modified flash carts you can play them on you old consoles for that retro feeling.
  10. There's basically there aspects of gaming I like from the 80s-90s. First would be the nes era of gaming and everything that came out of that including:cerals,commercials,TV shows,game magazines and merchandise in the form of toys,books etc boy was that fun it really made unpacking present special and kept your imagination actually entertain. Next would be the playstation era of gaming because it mimic the nes era by reintroducing gamers and new gamers to new ips,along with merchandise etc etc and boy reading game magazine when psone came out was sure a treat. Lastly the era of arcade was so special everything about the scene was cool, heck I remember seeing ppl enjoy playing with each other in person except for heated fights that mk and street fighter would cause lol and hey even coverage of those games on mags made it pretty fun to read and look at the artwork. Runner up of course Sega which made some sexy consoles and introduce the world to some memorable games like sonic and golden axe.
  11. With emulators built in cheats the possibilities are endless heck you can even play or use cheats on Japanese games/consoles. Mame another favorite with cheats that let you unlock characters you never knew where hidden like anita from darkstalkers in marvels fighting game. The only thing I hate are people who complain to game companies about cheats being in games I mean jesus people it's optional ya know but nope it's like if the cheats are there they become add and have to use it than complain...come to think about it that's why dlc,amiiboss,free to play are taking off no wonder game companies study game psychology course$. Take pokemon shuffle for example boy oh boy that game if you have the money you basically win it's like valet parking your basically paying some guy for the rights to using cheats smh that's not even mentioning the prices on items on their store jesus $80 bucks for virtual gems it's like buying 3-2 games yet nintendo still can't get money to pony up for 3rd party support or better specs? I know one thing this current generation of game developers are actually dinning on lobster with a side of caviar.
  12. I wouldn't pass judgement yet I mean sure the crypt keeper added humor to the TV show but mns is basing this one on the older comic stripes that didn't feature the crypt master. Frankly if ya read the stripes it had a much more serious dark tone that was much fun to read and less kiddy. Who knows maybe that's what he's going for a more serious approach like that old 90s show tales from the darkside.
  13. I kinda miss the old days when everything was wood based. The atari 2600 with its wood panel looks so cool and truly unique.now everything is glassy and glossy with metal bands added to the console. who knows what the future will have in store I mean if you where to tell people of the 90s that Sony would build a George foreman grill looking console people would have laughed but behold we now have the barbecue grill and heck a nintoaster as well.
  14. That's why I now buy handhelds I got tired of constant console upgrades with no backwards compatibility then being stuck with cd based games that rot fast and lose cash value if ya want to sell them. Handhelds since they are cart based last way longer and somebody will make a clone version once let's say a 3ds is outdated by nintendo. I think digital download isn't that bad as long as you can keep your game saved on file and use it on a clone system(like retron) once the company drops support. If you can store your games on a SD card or such like movies they will certainly last longer that cd based software well maybe except SD cards but other ways would like transferring SD data to multiple outlets like hard drives and such. But like you stated companies are greedy but it takes two to tango and today's generation of fast paced irresponsible budgeting gamers is what makes companies keep up in the price and decreasing the content within a game heck a 60 buck game factoring dlc and amiibos (dlc disguised expensive content) will now cost you a lot more than the games real retail value after all those hidden cost to unlock content will cost you actually 200 bucks smh. it's a losing battle there's now more suckers born everyday with this new mindset of pay to play/win.
  15. If you want pureness you'll always have your old games that Will forever remain stagnant and unchanged but life is about evolving to cater to the ever changing and increase of new kids and adults new taste in gaming heck the Japanese are now becoming more casual than western gamers ya know. I mean I know we all have Nostalgia about our childhood but well Nostalgia is just old memories we'll never get back. It's like complaining about America's always lost innocence every time there's a tragedy it just losses all meaning. Now with regards to final Fantasy nes games I say kudos to them I mean in today's modern life people are bat***** CRAZY they live in a fast paced world and everbodys whose cool has some psychology disorder lol unlike the past as for myself I just can't sit through and play old RPGs like final Fantasy with the ever constant random battles,long grindings and such heck the first one didn't even have a proper story or ending. I believe game developers should strive to make a game balanced for retro and new fans but we'll we all know you can never fully pleased everybody's expectations.
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