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    Where do you buy you older systems?

    I got my 2nd NES for 20 bucks from Salvation Army. Put a $8 OEM 72 pin off ebay. Runs perfect. Best thin you can do is let friends and family know what you're into, They may have some in a basement/ attic. Free is best!
  2. I open the carts clean both sides with Weiman's cleaner on a qtip, then 91% alcohol to remove it. I have refurb oem 72 pins on both my NES and all new games are cleaned this way before they ever go into my systems.
  3. fezzersc

    Will all retro games stop being sold?

    Nothing beats a yard sale/ flee market find. Got a CIB Bugs Bunny Birthday Blowout for 4.99 last week at Salvation Army.
  4. Hello fezzersc, Welcome to the Retromags Community!