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  1. I think PCXL was a gimmick to desperately hold the line thru the low-poly era. When graphics improved, no more need for humor to sell games. Thanks for the release Eday.
  2. I played Phantasy Star II some years ago. Struggled thru about 4 dungeons with 2 people for a while, really, wondering what was going on that nobody else was coming along. Then by chance I was in hero's hometown and decided to check out his home, hoping for a free bed. And there were like 5 characters, all waiting and all very low level. (no free bed, tho)
  3. Was surprised Computer Life and PC/Computing isn't archived @GoogleBooks , tho they got BYTE and PC Mag.
  4. Please buy the magazine for someone to scan.
  5. I agree that they are well seeded, but not many people are downloading.
  6. I wonder if it would be feasible, given the high quality of phone cameras nowadays, to take 4k shots of the whole mag using a stand to keep the phone steady.
  7. This is good news. I've been noticing there is very little activity with the torrents... I take that to mean few people even know this site exists.
  8. You mean go through the elaborate rituals of disassembling the mag, scanning it perfectly, and editing it by hand to meet your standards? No thanks... I think I'll leave my contribution to the scene at torrent bandwidth.
  9. Mag with good writing from the mid 90s. Took a TV Guide kind of approach to games. I remember they did a review of Doom clones, "Doom of the Dark Triad", which contrasted Rise of the Triad, Dark Forces, and Doom 2. They also did an EGM-style multi-reviewer system that was often spot on about the problems in the games. It's hard to get hold of those mags. They tend to go for $20 each on Ebay. Would be nice to find a collection and get 'em preserved
  10. Raijin you hit the nail right on the head. We have lived through the progress but not through the process. People don't want to acknowledge that the amount of information that created the classics was huge and that it takes deep thought and reflection to develop an effective design. Games are not this "fun factory"... they are serious business because our brains have serious elements that require serious content.