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  1. I was watching a few episodes the other day of GamePro tv on YouTube. I remember watching it and taping it on a VCR as a kid. I "wish" I would have saved those tapes.
  2. I remember being on waiting lists at our local Family Video and Pony Express Videos for games. Mega Man 3 was definitely a step above for graphics and sound. My favorite in the series had to be Mega Man 2 I have played through that game probably 200 times and still continue to play it. I still find the first Mega Man to be the most difficult of the series. Did you ever play Mega Man the Wily Wars? It was only available on cart in Japan or through Sega's online service for Genesis called the Sega Channel. It in my opinion was a terrible remake of Mega Man 1-3. The timing was completely off it felt like playing the game in slow motion mostly due to the time between blaster shots being way to slow. The graphics were nice but I just could not get over the timing it was a serious game breaker for me.
  3. Mega Man my all time top favorite game series (hence my profile pic). I remember the Friday I booted up to Mega Man 3 I almost exploded I remember the first level I played Snake Man! You and I could have been best friends as kids lol.
  4. Your childhood sounds much like mine. When I was younger I would say 8 years old I would come home from school on Friday to a 10.00 bill and a trip to either McDonalds or Hardees (Carl Jr's). The 10.00 would rent 2 NES games from Friday to Sunday. Many times I would have beaten a game by Saturday and the guy at the local video store then called Movie Time Video would let me swap it for something else till Sunday. After awhile he quit doing that because he claims he was loosing to much money on me lol. Once my sister got a job at 16 I quit renting games because every Friday I would come home and hit power on the NES and it would already have a brand new game loaded up for me to play. I was a bit spoiled as a kid by my sister she continued this tradition well into the SNES beginning years also.
  5. Figured I would start this topic to see who else appreciated envelope art in the 90's and to see if anyone else has any old envelope art they created that they would like to share with everyone. Yesterday one of my very old and best friends sent me a text just saying "as requested" I then replied with a what? He sent me a picture of a letter I mailed him in 1993. I live in IL and always have he also did until about 1992 he moved to FL a few years later he ended up moving back to IL. While he was there we would write back and forth and I would always send him envelope art. In this particular letter I wrote "How do you like the envelope? I drew it myself. Please save it." I was 14 then now I'm 37. He actually saved the letter and envelope he said it was sealed in plastic and put away in a box all these years and he found it a few days ago. Here is what the envelope looked like I smeared out the old address for apparent reasons on the photo. If you have any envelope art or childhood stories regarding envelope art please feel free to share I would love to see it.
  6. Primal Rage 2 actually exists there is a arcade here in Illinois I have yet to visit its about 4 hours away from me. I need to play a trip soon to check it out. Here is an article about it if you want to take a look http://www.polygon.com/2014/6/23/5834750/primal-rage-2-arcade-video I believe you can get it also in MAME however I don't think it plays very well from what I remember.
  7. Great picks! I loved Suikoden the theme music to the intro video I used to let it just play in a loop. Still to this day gives me chills.
  8. Yes old school wrestling was the best. All the rivalries and wrestlers swapping from WWF to WCW. I have recently been playing some of the newer games WWE2K15 & 16 they just don't feel the same as the old N64 games man I loved those games. In HS my two best friends and I would always get together on Monday nights my mom would order us pizza and we would watch Monday Night Nitro afterwords we would play WCW NWO World Tour for hours and all end up exhausted at school the next day. We would then repeat the process on Thursdays for WCW Thursday Night Thunder on TBS. On weekends we would play Mario Kart and Mario Party. Ah the memories great times makes me miss them life was so much easier then. And yes Kid Icarus was bad but I have to laugh more and Mega Man and his awful voice what were they thinking? MEGA HI!!!
  9. I love the monkey island series. I prefer the old point and click adventures I felt like the TellTale Monkey Island (Tales of Monkey Island) was just not as good. The story was okay and the puzzles were ok but I feel like it just lacked the overall charm that the older games had.
  10. I only have two hands I just couldn't talk my wife into letting me have the bionic arm implant even though it would well benefit her too lol. I usually pick about 10 games per month or two to rotate and play through. This is the only way I have been able to stick with certain games long enough to complete them and clear out some of my back log. I have a bit of an addiction buying games when I see them on sale and never really playing them. I try to justify it by saying I am a collector but again my wife would disagree lol.
  11. I read it all the time. It honestly was my favorite gaming magazine. I used to send in envelope art on a monthly basis just hoping it would show up in a new issue. I started buying them at the local grocery store I did that for about a year then finally realized how much I could save by just subscribing. I did that for about 4 years. I kick myself now however because I had all of those magazines boxed up and ended up throwing them all out in a move because I needed the space. At the time of the move I also gave away my Sega Saturn, Atari Jaguar, and Nintendo VirtuaBoy which I also kick myself for now because my nephews literally destroyed all of those consoles.
  12. This cartoon always brings back memories of being a kid. This one reminds me of junior high These completely remind me of my high school years
  13. My current rotation... PS4: Witcher 3, Batman Arkham Knight XB1: Elder Scrolls Online, Mega Man Collection, Just Cause 3 XB360: Deus Ex Human Revolution, South Park Stick of Truth PS3: Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix, Mass Effect PS Vita: Final Fantasy X, Legend of Heroes Trails in the Sky (PSP) 3DS: Yo-Kai Watch
  14. Great article. It's funny though when I replay old NES games how much easier they seem now compared to playing them when I was 8 years old. Many games that just seemed impossible then are now not easy but I can actually complete them. I really struggled with Faxanadu on NES as a kid I replayed that last year still challenging to a point but was able to finish it. It's the exact opposite with more modern games for me especially FPS shooters. Back in like 2000 I was extremely good at them and now I am sub par if not terrible at many of them. I don't know if its age or just the fact that there are so many people just really good at them since they started hitting the console market.
  15. Dragonfire! I loved Dragonfire! It was so simple and repetitive but I used to put hours on that game as a kid. My second would have been Kaboom and third Barnstorming.
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