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  1. What was the best aspect of your childhood? Many of us had awesome years as kids with certain things standing out more then others and you could say "yea, that's what made my childhood awesome" what was that certain aspect or situation? But then not all of our childhoods were the best with ups and downs but often times there was something to always go back on that really made all of the childhood memorable and enjoyable to recount of. The favorite aspect of my childhood was I never really had to worry about nothing and I could just hang out with friends in their rooms and just game. When I was younger I also really enjoyed going through my older brothers video game magazines without them knowing (don't tell em) which is one of the reasons why I'm here to reminisce and look back on the magazines that I knew and other things I didn't know of.
  2. Although then the code is (BE20-0000-0089-79DE). I hope you enjoy it, I made it with all kinds of secrets and places. Let me know what you think.
  3. I stated to replay dkc tropical freeze recently, and I highly recommend it. It has one of thee best video game soundtracks I've heard in a while, no joke.
  4. The first game I ever played was donkey kong country. My mother loved the game and loved playing so me and her played it together though I never did beat with her from my recounting of it.
  5. Been playing on and bought my Wii u since 2014 and that was the last system I got currently.
  6. Yea, the part of California I lived in was basically a desert with a lot dry heat, I love the heat though, my health seems to strive in those kinda of conditions rather then dry cold or hot humidity. I'm glad you enjoyed yourself for the most part, it's a state that has a lot going on around you and a lot of things to do.
  7. Never actually did this, drew old pictures of donkey kong but never did it on a letter but mostly because I was never interested in mailing.
  8. I meant nes for (new) I'm not a big fan of autocorrect.
  9. Gotta have a luigi in there for good measure XD. You have quite the collection for new but why not snes?
  10. I want to show off a level but this might be a dead forum :(
  11. Enjoyed playing on 3ds but not recently since not many games have come out for it that interest me.
  12. I am definitely thinking of doing it the future but right now I don't have the money and that's probably the case for others.
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