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  1. What was the best aspect of your childhood? Many of us had awesome years as kids with certain things standing out more then others and you could say "yea, that's what made my childhood awesome" what was that certain aspect or situation? But then not all of our childhoods were the best with ups and downs but often times there was something to always go back on that really made all of the childhood memorable and enjoyable to recount of. The favorite aspect of my childhood was I never really had to worry about nothing and I could just hang out with friends in their rooms and just game. When I was younger I also really enjoyed going through my older brothers video game magazines without them knowing (don't tell em) which is one of the reasons why I'm here to reminisce and look back on the magazines that I knew and other things I didn't know of.

  2. For the most part I liked it. The first time I was there I met Richard Dreyfuss at the airport and saw the Hollywood sign in the distance during my bus ride into town. The second time that I arrived at LAX I got on the wrong bus and got lost, getting off somewhere in downtown LA at 1 in the morning. I was terrified that I was going to get raped, killed and eaten by street gangs but I took note of the intersection where I nervously awaited the next bus (and the huge skyscraper that was there in front of me as I waited) and later discovered that the corner of Wilshire and Figueroa is kind of like smack in the middle of the high-rise business district.

    Even after being there for a few years it was still pretty surreal to see palm trees and cacti everywhere. Awesome being able to look out the window and see mountains. My girlfriend attended a pretty high-end school (Scripps) and the landscaping of the campus was beautiful, lots of gardens and statues and fountains and open-air buildings. We lived right down the street from a botanical garden, which was nice. Many things like Wal-Marts, Mcdonalds and shopping malls felt pretty much just like they do back in Wisconsin, though it was weird getting used to different grocery stores like Vons and Albertsons (both of which we liked). Weather was hit and miss - I generally prefer colder temperatures so it was kind of rough being in the wide open sun, but I remember that there were often really nice cool breezy evenings and nights. Traffic was amusing - it seemed like everyone lost their minds anytime it rained. Lots of wildfires in the area, seemed like they happened not too far from the college every year. Didn't get to meet many people since we lived on campus and didn't have the means to get out much, but I suppose that they weren't much different than back home. Much skimpier clothes on a lot of the ladies. Several people told me that I had a midwestern accent even though I was pretty sure that I sounded exactly like they did.

    Yea, the part of California I lived in was basically a desert with a lot dry heat, I love the heat though, my health seems to strive in those kinda of conditions rather then dry cold or hot humidity. I'm glad you enjoyed yourself for the most part, it's a state that has a lot going on around you and a lot of things to do.
  3. I have many, many, many great memories from my gaming past, but I'll describe the first and most impactful one that always comes to mind. It's long, but it wasn't then it wouldn't be the special memory that it is.

    I bought an Xbox in 2001 specifically to play The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. I didn't own a PC but had read about this particular PC game as being a profoundly immersive RPG: The ability to wander around at will and take on hundreds of quests, kill any NPC, loot any dresser, steal any item, even take the forks from every dinner table. A day / night weather system, spell crafting, dozens of individual skills that are raised not by applying experience points but by repeatedly performing the actions governed by those skills. The game promised a level of depth and exploration that I'd never experienced before, and I couldn't wait to play the Xbox conversion that was supposedly going to launch with the console.

    Except it didn't. I waited several months only to see the game delayed several times, and eventually it seemed like it was never going to be released. This game was literally the ONLY reason I'd purchased the system, and at one point I put it in the trunk of my car and wound up forgetting that it was even there. Eventually I sold it and moved on.

    Cut to late 2002. I met a beautiful, intelligent, shy little geeky girl and we fell in love immediately. Literally day one love at first sight. We spent pretty much all of our waking hours together, until she had to fly off to college only a few weeks later. Debating whether we should maintain the relationship and undergo the frustration of waiting months to see each other again or breaking up and celebrating the brief time that we had, we both decided to keep things going. After she traveled to her college across the country we talked every day, and she even sent me a ticket to fly to see her for Thanksgiving break. When she came home the following summer we excitedly picked the relationship back up as if we'd never been apart, and by the end of the summer she surprised me with an amazing offer: For her second year she was getting a room to herself, so why not come live there with her?

    I did, and it was amazing. California was a whole different world from Wisconsin, and I now got to spend every day with my beloved girlfriend. We often took the bus to leave her college and visit the nearby villages and shops, and it was there that I was a bit heartbroken to see that Morrowind had in fact finally been released. I pointed the game out to her, telling her the story of how much I'd wanted to acquire it, and we moved on. A few weeks later my birthday arrived, and I was shocked when my girlfriend opened our door with a big heavy box in her hands. Turns out it was a new (used) Xbox and my very own copy of Morrowind.

    I hooked everything up immediately and was taken by the game's atmosphere, graphics and character creation right off the bat. My girlfriend was really intrigued too, but she had to run off to class. While she was gone I putzed around in the game, just being filled with awe at what I was experiencing. Everything I'd read was right: I could travel anywhere, attack anyone, steal anything, and basically just adventure freely and experience the breathtaking vast world of the game however I wanted.

    I played the game all day, stopping only when my girlfriend got back so I could grab some food and let her have some time messing with the game. That night, when she went to sleep, I played some more.

    And it was there, during that first night, that I realized just how amazing my life was at the time. I was sitting upright on our bed, my back against the wall facing the television, as my girlfriend slept quietly beside me. The tv cast a soft glow on the room, illuminating new and exciting surroundings that I still wasn't quite yet acclimated to. Outside the window was a whole different type of life with different weather, different trees, different places and different people. And here on the television was a game experience like I'd never seen. As I sat there playing it that night I was becoming acutely aware of just how incredible the game world was, and just how much freedom I'd been granted to play in it. I had so many options in front of me, so many characters to talk to and places to go and quests to conquer. I felt myself almost overwhelmed, excited not just for the game in front of me but for the possibilities of the future of gaming. And I felt grateful, thinking that maybe the reason why I hadn't been able to get the game originally was because I'd somehow been destined to have that awesome experience in that particular place, at that particular time, and with that particular person.

    I'd played hundreds of games before that night, but that was the first time that I really felt completely sucked into another universe. Yet whenever I looked away from the screen, I saw the woman that I loved sleeping next to me. Everything just came together to give me a sense of palpable joy and inner peace that I could never explain. In those moments life just seemed absolutely perfect, and I was filled with a sense that everything was bright and limitless. Thanks to Morrowind, and my wonderful girlfriend who was there to share the experience with me, I'd been struck with the feeling that some of the most amazing experiences of my life were ahead of me.

    And they were.

    haha, that's awesome, what did you think of California? That's my birth state and the one place I had some my best gaming experiences.

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