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  1. Amazing release, Simpsons in the first great sucess on NES! Thank you!
  2. Great scan, in this release there is a amazing RPG/Action: Neotopia!
  3. Castlevania 3! Good times! Simple and fun! Thank you for the scan!
  4. A magazine with great nes hits: Megaman, G.I. Joe e the amazing TMNT 2 the arcade game. For titles like TMNT 2 we need to respect the old fun machine Nintendo Entertainment System. Thank you Sean697.
  5. Great systems, great comparations! Thank you Sean697 for this one!
  6. Double Dragon 3 was, in my opinion, one of the most difficult fighting games for nes 8-bits! Oh man, if in my time I had this magazine... thank you E-Day for this great upload!
  7. E-Day, thak you man! Your magazines are great! Amazing! My childhood is back!
  8. Hello emarcio, Welcome to the Retromags Community!