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  1. Holy hair balls Bubsy, you'll never be on any cover ever again! LOL! Flashback or Splatternouse 3 should have been on the cover instead of Bugsy, still a good issue though.
  2. This issue has everything I liked about games in the 90's, great upload.
  3. Thanks for uploading this issue, I always wanted to get this issue but it was sold out before I have the chance to buy it.
  4. Reading EGM again after all these years makes me wanna buy a SNES and Genesis so I could replay all the games I loved as a kid.
  5. Super Castlevania 4 is without a doubt my favorite SNES game. Great T2:JD cover in this issue.
  6. Dead Space is without a doubt the best third person shooter since RE4: perfect mix of gameplay and horror. Lately I've been trying to platinum my games recently. I already platinum Transformers FoC, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure All Star Battle, Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection, and I've gotten every trophy for a VF2, Daytona USA, MK Arcade Collection, Marvel vs Capcom Origins, Galaga Legions DX, X-Men Arcade, Simpsons Arcade, Pac-Man Championship Edition DX, Super Hang On, Marvel Puzzle Quest, Gunstar Heroes, Doom Classic Complete Collection, Sonic the Fighters, and LOL even Playstation Home.
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