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  1. Mostly PS1 games on my PS Vita, but I also play my 3DS from time to time. Minecraft is a great fit for Vita.
  2. I love Metal Gear Solid, but there was basically no story in MGSV. It was also missing the signature MGS cinematic style. I feel like they lied for the past few games (Portable Ops, Peace Walker, and MGSV), purporting to tell the story of how Naked Snake became Big Boss, but never really getting around to it, and then basically avoiding it in the last game. Total disappointment, especially considering how important the story is to the MGS experience. The gameplay itself was great apart from having no ending mission. I still don't really consider it to be an MGS game as it's missing so many of the elements I consider to be necessary for its identity (story, cinematic style, Snake).
  3. I didn't realize it even had a story. It most definitely didn't have an ending, or any boss characters for that matter. The gameplay was great, but it missed the style and story that was so vital to Metal Gear Solid.
  4. I loved Mortal Kombat Trilogy, but was annoyed at some of the missing kontent, particularly the removal of certain fatalities. The Pit II overhead view, Jax ripping your arms off, and my favourite one, Kung Lao splitting his opponent down the middle (so cool). Of course, they only had the animations for the MKII kharacters falling victim to these moves, but you kould not even perform them on the MKII kharacters as I recall (it has been a while). Cage being played by someone else was also disappointing, but understandable, konsidering the legal problems associated with using his likeness. Glad to hear yous are doing Mortal Kombat II next for the Contra Code podcast. I was about to suggest that. I just watched the Street Fighter II Turbo podcast yous did and it was really good. Very komprehensive. My only problem with it is that the music that plays every now and then can get a bit loud, making it hard to hear the konversation. The kontent of it was terrific though, so keep it up.
  5. Man, I thought I was the only one obsessed with Mortal Kombat II, but it seems like a lot of people were really wowed by it. In the old EGM magazines I've been re-reading, Mortal Kombat gets talked about just as much as Street Fighter, which I find pretty surprising in retrospect. Mortal Kombat II has some of the best atmosphere of all time, and does a really fantastic job of portraying this dark and violent world. The soundtrack to Mortal Kombat II is one of the best of all time, and I still listen to it quite regularly (I love Dan Forden). Recently, I was looking on Youtube and surprised to find that the console releases had different music to the arcade. The Megadrive/Genesis release actually has some pretty good tunes on it; different but in the same style. What did you think of Mortal Kombat 3 when it came out? I thought it was great, especially the post-apocalyptic vibe it had, but I still liked Mortal Kombat II better. When I first saw Mortal Kombat 3 in the arcades, a small crowd was gathered around it, which showed that I was not the only one excited by the release. I plugged $20 into it during my first play, and got up to Motaro before he kicked my ass. I think that Mortal Kombat 1, 2 & 3 show such a massive amount of change and progression between releases (in graphics, style, music, story, and gameplay), more so than almost any other game series I can think of, especially when compared to the endless varieties of Street Fighter that were released at the time. The modernized look and feel, enhanced by the presence of robotic characters, was really surprising, and it's interesting to go back to MK1 and seeing the amount of change that happened over the years. It was a very controversial (and actually a quite brave) decision to remove the pallette swap ninjas who were so iconic of the series. Removing Reptile (one of my favourites from MKII) and fan favourite Scorpion (who was kind of replaced by the robotic smoke) was surprising and disappointing at the same time, and I was glad they brought them back in Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3.
  6. Thanks for the answer. Explains why I couldn't find any info on them.
  7. Found it. It's called Artillery Duel. Still looks great to my eyes.
  8. Hello everybody. I'm 34 years old and I live in Australia. I first started playing arcade games in the 80's. I used to love those cocktail tabletop games like Galaxian or Galaga which were often in local fish and chip shops. Good to play a few games while waiting for your food to cook. My first home system was a Commodore 64. Creatures 2 rules, and that 2 player Artillery game with randomized landscape kicks ass. My first console was the Sega Megadrive, which I bought specifically for Mortal Kombat (I bought the Megadrive over the SNES due to Mortal Kombat being censored on SNES). When Mortal Kombat II came out, I became totally obsessed with it (and pissed off that the SNES version was not only uncut, but a much better port). When the Playstation came out, I was in early high school, and able to buy games with my own money. This was the golden era in my mind, where some of the greatest advances in games occurred (I believe the jump from 16-Bit to 32-Bit was the biggest change of any console generation before or after). Ridge Racer, Tekken, Resident Evil, Metal Gear Solid, Final Fantasy VII, Tenchu... I could go on (I still get excited thinking about these games). Still gaming (got a SNES, N64, Gamecube, Wii U, DS, 3DS, PS1, PS2, PS3, PS4, and the original XBox), but I find myself not playing games as much as I used to. I thought I was growing out of it, but I realized I just have more interest in older games (before multiplayer first-person shooters became the norm). Not a multiplayer gamer. For me, games were always a singleplayer experience as I needed something I could play by myself at my own pace (I had few friends growing up, and had the desire to be immersed in a fantasy world of my own choosing). I used to buy magazines all the time, and rarely missed an issue. EGM, Gamepro, & Hyper were the main ones I bought. I had a pretty good collection spanning 10 years or so, but had to get rid of them when moving a few houses ago (not enough space; it was like trying to choose which finger to cut off). I knew I would regret that decision. I still wanted them, I just didn't realize that I NEEDED them. Thank the gaming gods for Retromags. To all you guys (and girls) who make this possible. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!
  9. Letter art was so cool. Kind of like a lost art form now.
  10. Sorry. Ignore my last post. I just figured out where to post that magnet link in my torrent client. Thanks Zarxrax. I will seed this until I die.
  11. I didn't realize there was a torrent available. Could someone post a link please (or have I missed it somewhere)?
  12. A couple of reasons. Nostalgia is a big part. The PS1 era was my golden age of gaming. The history is also interesting, having lived through this era, and now looking back with a fresh set of eyes knowing what the "future" holds. I used to have boxes of these magazines, but had to throw them out during a difficult move, and I've regretted it ever since. So it's nice to get them back in some form. Also, I still play a lot of these old games, and I use these magazines to evaluate old games I wanted play (and still do) but never got the chance at the time, and to discover games I missed and now want to catch up on (20 years later).
  13. Bushido Blade. A unique approach to a fighting game. More realism than most. Can't think of another one like it.