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  1. Thanks for uploading! I used to love Game Players.
  2. JamesS77

    Error Downloading

    Same thing with me; the error message populated after my first download (when I tried to make a second download after the first was completely downloaded): Sorry, you don't have permission for that! [#10863] You may not download any more files until your other downloads are complete
  3. Thanks so much for the scan! I own this issue (it's one of my favorites) - very happy to now have a digital copy!
  4. I own this issue; one of my favorites from Game Players. Thanks for the great scan!
  5. Thanks to Major Lag for the donation and to Sean697 for the scan! I loved the article on the Colecovision.
  6. As an added plus, the line was delivered perfectly by Rowdy Roddy Piper.
  7. I agree - this is a fantastic read, and the best, most comprehensive videogame book I've seen. I wish Kent would release an updated version.
  8. Same here; I receive a pop up when I tried to open the file, which says "Sequential Image Reader - This Archive is not a valid Zip archive." Thanks for scanning these so quickly!
  9. Hello JamesS77, Welcome to the Retromags Community!