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  1. I'm sure a lot of indie mags will spring up because of all the interest in retrogaming.
  2. I like physical games, although I'm getting more comfortable with the idea of digital only. I had a flood in my house and a large portion of my game collection got ruined (games, consoles). I spent a fortune amassing that collection and now I'm spending a fortune trying to replace it. I've had songs on my computer for 15 years, I copied them to a hard drive and never had to worry about it. As long as I have copies of the they will always be there. Another thing people don't talk about, in regards to psychical media is consoles, especially disc based consoles. Disc drives break, motors stop working, and lasers stop scanning. Good luck trying to find a disc drive for your model 1 Sega Saturn. That's what happened to me, my Saturn stopped reading discs, I tried to replace the drive, in the end it was easier to just by another console. As time goes on I get more comfortable with the idea of digital media.
  3. I was never into PC gaming. When I was a kid I didn't have a PC, then when I got one keeping track of the graphics cards and drivers just seemed confusing.
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