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  1. Hahahahaha! That's true. They aren't hurting for cash at all, and can easily become relevant with said cash. Do they care?
  2. @Leathco Fusion Magazine https://fusiongamemag.com / Fusion Retro Books https://fusionretrobooks.com knows their audience and are doing very well. I haven't the foggiest notion why EGM is attempting to be the US-based EDGE. Are they going the Unwinnable route? https://unwinnable.com/subscribe/ or are they taking the discussion I had a while back regarding Interactive Age, which I helped conceive? I am particularly rambly on the topic of EGM. Is @E-Day the one who has a complete collection?
  3. @kitsunebi77 Steve Harris still owns and operates the associated EGM companies, so he ought to know what fans want. He went out of his way to reacquire the rights and *poof*. The Gaming Media properties I was involved with seemed more successful and we didn't toss millions at them. That's a story for another time.
  4. @Leathco Is this a purely digital project? They invested heavily in their EGMi platform which was great back then, but it quickly fizzled out. Then they developed the EGM Now site that was hardly promoted and clearly paid content. I rarely found issues of Walmart Gamecenter/Parent's Guide and only have one issue of the third iteration of Geek. It's tough to support this because I have no clue which direction this is heading in.
  5. I might have Gamepro's GTA: Vice City strategy guide supplement in storage, but I can't remember what the issue itself looks like.
  6. http://www.egmnow.com/articles/features/egm-is-evolving
  7. Weren't some of the editors hyping plans to bring EGM back to print again? I recall mention of it on forums and/or social media amongst talk of Geek Magazine and Walmart Gamecenter.
  8. The Phantasy Star guide is definitely the March 2001 issue of Expert Gamer. I have a copy in storage. Sonic Spinball is likely Gamepro, although I am not 100% sure on that. There were a ton of games featuring Gods and Goddesses. Everything from Archon: The Light and the Dark, to Age of Mythology and Zeus: Master of Olympus. There were hex-based strategy games in that mould as well.
  9. Even though I enjoy Nintendo Force and had multiple subscriptions, I chose not to renew since they do not respond to anyone's subscription inquiries. A severe lack of customer service and possibly even not sending issues out to some people at all, is intolerable. The publications I have been involved with have never had these issues.
  10. PC Gamer is even stronger than ever! They consistently have healthy ad counts and have recently raised the page count from 100 to 116!
  11. I want to say Tips and Tricks with Metal Gear Solid on the cover, but I did receive a few boxes of miscellaneous gaming magazines before then. It was a treasure trove of material that my father brought home one day, and my obsession with print was birthed that day :-)
  12. Magazines have not died out, but I foresee them becoming more of a collectible coffee table item with evergreen content. The Australian gaming magazine Hyper went this route when they switched from monthly issues to quarterly specials. I'm all for the change in format. That is not to say the existing magazine format is not viable, just that mass store distribution in the US might not be. RETRO and Nintendo Force have loyal followings despite the lack of customer service and persistent missing issues. Anyway, I'm glad to be here and keep up the excellent work preserving the history of games journalism! -Mike Mielke
  13. Check out Gameo Magazine's debut issue, featuring an exclusive interview with Origen's Xpeke! http://www.gameomagazine.com We are open to any questions, comments and feedback you have, as we mold this figurative clay into the best publication available! Do you love video games, board gaming, competitions and related collectibles, and the people and events behind them? Do you feel that current publications are outdated due to their long lead times? If so, then support Gameo Magazine on Kickstarter! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1613745453/gameo-magazine-bi-weekly-gaming-magazine Gameo will be released on a biweekly basis in both print and digital formats, and the best part is that this will be your publication! Do you want gaming-related cosplay? Done! What about in-depth analysis of the business side of the industry? No problem! Retro coverage? You bet! Reviews of board games and memorabilia? Sure! Interviews with gaming luminaries? Ditto! This will happen if we raise a modest $1,000 to handle initial infrastructure and our first print run! Share this with everyone you know, and in all the groups you are involved with both online and off! Game on with Gameo Magazine! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1613745453/gameo-magazine-bi-weekly-gaming-magazine
  14. Hello theatermike, Welcome to the Retromags Community!

    1. theatermike


      Thanks, Phillyman! As an avid print magazine junkie and someone who has been involved in games media, I am glad to be here!

      You and the team have done an excellent job preserving the history of video game journalism!



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